Somebody loan her a stylist ASAP!

kristen123I don’t really want to be obsessed with her but she isn’t making things any easier. In fact, she is leaving me with no choice whatsoever. If this is a publicity stunt, it certainly is working as she is grabbing all eyeballs and turning heads wherever she goes. However, this time, it was for all the wrong reasons. But hey, like they say, no publicity is bad publicity. Who am I talking about? The same vampire girl who seemed to have acquired a stylist and had won some brownie points recently. However, things are back to square one.

Kristen Stewart seems to have made up her mind. I am pretty certain her motto is something like this, “Tinselville folks suffer from short term memory loss and if being dowdy helps them remember you, so be it.” Or maybe I am giving her more credit than she deserves. Maybe the girl really and truly has pathetic sartorial sense. Or maybe she is just too lazy. Looking at this pic, one is tempted to believe that!

For another Snow White and the Huntsman photocall in Sydney, Kristen wore a burgundy Chaiken suit and chose to team it with a very shabby and very loose white tee and Oxfords. I won’t even be surprised if it has armpit holes. Wait a sec, did she borrow them from the sparkly beau? The loose fit sure points to that. Good lord, what’s next? Robert Pattinson in her tees, jeans and Converse shoes? Not like it would make much of a difference but I think this is stretching the ‘sharing is caring’ philosophy a tad too far!

And pray, what forbids the woman from at least ironing her clothes before stepping out in public or running a brush through her hair? Come on girl, you are too pretty to be seen like that!



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