Strange things he loves about you!

loving coupleIn our bid to impress our men and keep them interested, we women do go quite a long way. From dressing to the hilt to practicing the art of undressing, from doing our make up in a way that makes us more appealing or spritzing expensive perfume, doing a different hairstyle, maintain our bodies…the list is endless. We might argue that most of what we do is good for us and in a way, we are doing ourselves a favour. Some of us would even go to the extent of claiming that what we do is solely to please us and if men get attracted too, it’s just a bonus.

But can we keep our hand on our heart and swear we are not doing it for the male attention? Or at least basking in it?

I know I enjoy it and there is nothing to be ashamed about it. But recently, while I was out with the boys for a night out in town (I am shameless, I am always looking for more insight into the male psyche at the pretext of just enjoying their company), I realised that some of the things these dudes loved about their women did not feature in the list I mentioned above. Not even close.

Men sometimes like the strangest things about us, things that we probably are not even aware of. Here’s what two of them had to say –

Tom Wetherby, 30

“The best thing about Joanna? Her nail biting habit with a little frown between her brows. No, it isn’t as gross as you’d think. In fact, it is very cute. She has this mysterious way of making even nail biting look so super cute. I have to resist myself from going right ahead and hugging her because that would defeat the purpose – she’d become aware, get conscious and stop. People tell me I need to tell her to stop, for her own good. Someday, soon maybe. But for now, it’s the most endearing thing about her.”


Matt Brown, 31

“My girlfriend and I have been together for four years now and I still look forward to the kisses she plants on my forehead every time I go out of doors. Even if I am just going to the nearby Tesco, even if she is busy watching something she fancies on the telly, she just springs out of the sofa or the bed or whatever, comes running and gives me three short and sweet kisses on the forehead. Makes me want to rush straight back to her.”


So ladies, is it really about what we wear or how we do our hair? Something tells me it isn’t and it is so heart-warming to know that!

One thought on “Strange things he loves about you!

  1. same here. Even we men doesn’t know many things abt u ladies. U all are more complex than Einstein’s physics equations.

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