Surprising Benefits of Tea

Know your Black Tea

Tea is broadly known for its medicinal properties. However, very few know that this hot cup of delicacy can be your first aid tool kit. With oodles of benefits that come from tea leaves, they can be a fantastic solution to treat beauty and health problems.


  • Tea leaves are an amazing solution for worn-out, puffy eyes. Dip a tea bag in a hot cup of water and place them over your eyes for approximately 15 minutes. Tea leaves are a natural astringent that aids in reducing puffiness and dark circles.

  • Tea also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. A study found out that green tea actually interferes in the fat formation in the body. Drinking a hot of cup of green tea in empty stomach has proved to combat obesity.

  • If you ever forget to put sunscreen, then do not worry. When you are taking bath sprinkle tea leaves in your bathing water and let your body soak in its goodness. This will also aid in relieving inflammation and itchy skin.

  • Black tea can reduce stress levels. If you are stressed out, black tea is all you need. Black tea aids in reducing levels of stress hormones. As stress level goes up, even your blood pressure rises. Thus, your blood pressure can be reduced with a hot cup of black tea.

  • Say goodbye to acne. Based on its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; green tea is considered indispensible to treat acne problems. All you have to do is rub moist green tea leaves before going to bed. Drinking green tea every morning is known to give a natural glow to the skin.

  • Tea is also known to be excellent for dry hair, adding a natural shine to them. Take some freshly brewed tea and rub it on your hair. Once it gets dry, rinse it with normal water. Black tea is also known to treat grey hair and is sometimes referred to as natural dye.

  • White tea is very high in polyphenol count which delivers amazing benefits. Finally the fountain of youth has been discovered in the form of a cup of white tea every morning. It helps in combating fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Green tea works as a deodorant for smelly feet. Soak your feet in a hot water strongly brewed in green tea for at least 20 minutes. It will assist in closing the pores that emit sweat.

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