Survive your wedding without hiccups: Here’s how

weddingIn an ideal world, a bride on the D-Day will wake up looking like a princess and feeling in glorious ownership of everything, just like a queen. In that very world, brides do not worry about things like unexpected runs on the wedding dress, periods happening a day too early, a zipper getting stuck or the heels giving away. They just wake up and walk down the aisle, looking nothing but absolutely resplendent.

However, we do not live in that ideal world. In the last minute jitters, a bout of the nerves or just plain drunkenness, many a brides have forgotten to pack their fall-back or emergency kit. For all you know, Lady Luck might decide to shine down on you and you might not need anything from your handy kit but I know when I become a bride, I will pack my essentials anyway. My wedding is the day I have dreamt about since early girlhood and if it takes an emergency bag to salvage mishaps and ensure it is a dreamy experience, so be it.

My D-Day emergency kit will have:

  • Safety Pins: No matter which size you pick, they are real heroes, capable of averting major dangers. And there is something about these things, we invariably need them on days we are not carrying them. I don’t take chances anymore and always carry a stack of them somewhere in my purse. A must-have in the emergency kit.
  • Bandages: New shoes? Most likely to bite. Why spoil your wedding video with your new shoe limp? Carry a few clear, see-through ones as well as a few cushioned ones.
  • Chalk: To cover, god forbid, food or even wine stains on your pristine white or ivory gown. Chalk can conceal marks and scuffs on white leather too so it might be able to save your shoes too, in case they are white and leather.
  • Pads or tampons: Don’t know about you but my P-day has a mind of its own and to tell you the truth, it’s quite a party pooper. Carrying a few sanitary pads or tampons is a smart idea.
  •  Spare buttons and a mini sewing kit with needles of varying sizes and threads in different colours: For last minute patch work.
  • Clear nail polish: To arrest stocking runs as well as to stop nail polish from chipping.
  • Straws: To drink water or even wine without spoiling your perfectly made-up mouth.
  • Thick ointment: If you have opted for chandelier earrings or heavy danglers, it’s a good idea to apply a thick ointment on your ear lobes before putting your jewellery on.
  • Eye drops/Contact lens solution: Though red eyes are pretty acceptable on your wedding day, what with all the hugging and crying, itchy eyes or eye irritating make up and can leave you extremely uncomfortable, restless and fidgety.

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