Swank new car to your peeps or win 5000 GBP at Bingo3X

Swank your car to your peeps or win 5000 GBP at Bingo3X


Do you fancy riding a brand new, swanky car? Of course you do. In fact anybody would love to own one. Drive around the town with a hot set of wheels! If you love the thought of it, then you will be smitten with the latest Bingo3X promotion.


Take your pick between a brand new car and a whopping cash of £5000. Imagine what all you can do with all that money. You can go on a vacation, buy that fabulous bag you have been eyeing up for a while now. Actually there’s lot you can do!


We are hosting a special promotion for you called Car or Cash on 7th May at 20:00 hours and it’s up to you whether you would like to walk away with a car or a cash prize. You can pre-buy your tickets to the game at £1.50 each! There is another way to accumulate the tickets for free – cover the Car Pattern, cover the letters C-A-R in the 75 ball room, or call house on the number 5. Every time you do so, you win free tickets to the game.


A total of 96 tickets can be purchased. With these tickets, you can play the big game. Winner of the game walks away with… Well, whatever their choice is. So what’s your choice? Car or cash?


Not a member at Bingo3X? If you still haven’t registered, here’s couple of reasons for you to join the site. Besides the massive bonuses, we give you some of the best game play in the bingo industry. We are one of the best sites around. We just don’t say it, but we have proved it. Awarded the ‘Best New Bingo Site of 2012’, we have received accolades from the critics from time to time. We dish out some of the best games with as low as 5p. You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the games at our site. With free bingo option, high quality graphics, free giveaways every month, you can be certain there’s lots happening at the site every day.


Car or Cash was just a slice of our generosity. Just by looking at the promotions you won’t be able to comprehend our generosity. You need to experience it for yourself. So drop down to Bingo3X and get playing!



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