Tackle the Anxiety Levels without Medication

Tackle the Anxiety Levels without MedicationAnxiety and fear is a common problem these days! All credit to the stressful way of living and lack of love. And, to deal with the anxiety levels, people seek help from different sources that at times can be harmful too. There are a few medications to treat anxiety levels but they are not recommended for leaving behind the bad consequences. Once, you stop taking the pills, the anxiety returns in a bigger force. Therefore, it is never suggested to rely on such things!

Remember the days when you were a baby, life was so much simpler then and at that time no such qualities like stress and anxiety were seen in us. There were plenty of reasons to be confident and negative temperaments were not to be seen at all. Qualities like wrong and right behaviour, shyness and any other negative qualities were not present in us then. But going ahead, as the years of negative thoughts and experiences influences us, the healthy thoughts got covered with negativities like anxiety, shy and fear. As a result to all this, most of the adults are influenced by these negative traits caused due to the external environment.  But, instead of relying upon medication, these are a few tips to tackle anxiety levels.

  • Stop self condemnation- Experiencing anxiety levels is a valid feeling, so one should not consider themselves in a shameful state. Therefore, the first step is stop “blaming yourself for being anxious”, it’s a natural feeling so stop criticizing yourself.
  • Am I feeling anxious today?- Any day when you feel more anxious than the normal way then you can actually go on to implement some proactive techniques to come out of it.
  • Develop a relationship with fear- Accept your fears. If you can approach your fears coming your way, then there is a lot to learn from it.
  • Take care of your thinking world- The biggest threat to our anxiety levels is our thought process. Once you have bowed the seed of thoughts in your mind and you continue to nourish them with more thoughts, and this in turn aggravates the anxiety levels. So, stop thinking! And, the best way to do is by engaging yourself in some kind of an activity.
  • Look out for a place to Change- Change is a good factor to fight with anxiety levels. Do not isolate yourself from the world but spend time in doing things or spending time with your close friends and family members. Spending time with nature is also an excellent option of fighting with the stress levels.
  • Be Active- Be active physically and mentally. Take part in a lot of activities that can relieve you from the unnecessary thoughts in your mind. It’s a good idea to be creative and indulging in any kind of project that can add value to your future. This will even give you financial independence and emotional freedom.
  • Stop comparing to others- All of us believe that when we compare ourselves to others, we automatically feel that somehow we are not too good enough. Such thoughts fuels are anxiety levels putting us in more stress. We try to make ourselves better and successful than the people around us. And, on not being able to accomplish it makes us feeling inadequate to the society.

Every morning when you wake up – say yourself that- “I’m born perfect”. In fact, more than perfect! Not having shiny careers, worthy cars, houses and a good social status is not the end to the world. Having all these things, will not make you anything more or anything less! Wish to have them – do not make it the end of the world. Life is not to be lived just for the sake of eating, sleeping, reproducing, drinking and working. Even animals do that as well! But, we have been gifted with a much higher level of intellect and unlimited power of creativity so that we can do much more from the primitive way of living. So, go on to live life to the best!

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