What kind of a bingo player are you?

What kind of a bingo player are you


Not all bingo players are similar. There are superstitious ones, non- superstitious ones, complainers, loud mouths and so forth. It’s quite intriguing to see how one player differs from another. Unlike poker which is a cut throat game, bingo is the quintessence of social spectrum. Here are a list how we categorize each of our Bingo3X players. What kind of a bingo player are you irrespective of which site you play at? The traits are similar across all sites. Find out below.

  • The Friendly Type: They are usually the ones who are the first to introduce themselves. Like one of those popular next door neighbours, they are outgoing and extremely amicable. These people attempt to make friends at every bingo session. The will leave no stone unturned to strike a conversation with people they find interesting in any online bingo site.
  • Loner Ranger: These breed of players are not much social. They would usually respond with a “Yes” or a “No”. That’s all you’ll get from them during most of the bingo sessions. Perhaps seldom being slightly more elaborative! Not haughty, but rather dedicated. He is in only for bingo; to make money and not make friends.
  • Competitive Types: This kind of player will plunge in for every type of tournament and every type of promotion and jackpot. This player will always top at the promotion of results. Very serious about his bingo games and sometimes they let out a shriek cry of joy when he wins.
  • Emotional Support: This type of player is usually an experienced one and has fought many bingo battles. Hence, if somebody is planning to vent their rage or frustration, they are happy to lend an ear to such people. One can turn for advice and seek comfort from these players.
  • Your Buddy: he will be your best friend at the site. You can exchange jokes with him, chat with him; know him by name or location.
  • Extreme Competitor: For such a player, he doesn’t play bingo just for fun. Bingo is there in his blood. It’s their daily routine. They will go that extra mile to win every game. Bingo is an addiction for them. And like most addictions, it is injurious to their health. The only motive in their life is to win bingo and make money.
  • Happy-go-Lucky: These players play bingo purely for its fun factor. Winning makes them happy. But more than that they are elated with the fun and entertainment they get out of the game.

So which is your type? We would love to know.