How to choose the best bingo site?

How to choose the best bingo site


Choosing a good bingo site can often be daunting, especially when the internet is exploding with hundreds of online bingo gaming site every month. If you are new to online bingo and are finding it hard to make a decision with which bingo site to go for, we have got the perfect guide for you to ease you off your pain. Though short and comprehensive, these tips will help you in determining the best and reputable bingo site.

Background Check

An attractive bingo site offering generous bingo offers may not necessarily be reliable. Whenever you choose a bingo site, ensure the site provides substantial amount of credibility, measured in years of proven experience. Go online, check the reviews of the site, forums, testimonials et al.  Ensure you see what players have to say about this site. If players are happy with the site, then go ahead with it.

Play free games

There are hosts of bingo sites available today that provide free bingo. This actually is a great opportunity for a player to test the bingo site. They can experience the site and determine if the site lives up to their expectations or not.  You can also find out what kind of player you are from free bingo sites. Based on all these, you can choose a site that lives up to your expectations.

Check withdrawal mechanism

Bingo players are always advised to check the withdrawal options in every bingo site before they sign up. The withdrawal option varies from site to site. It is wise for a player not to sign up just by looking at the lucrative bingo offer.

Always go through the Terms and Conditions

Most people skip the long terms and conditions mentioned in a site. They seem to be lengthy and uninteresting. Indeed, reading it all can be challenging and exhausting at the same time. However, this section provides players with legal answers to all the questions. It’s better to review the site before signing up. Often sites try to mislead players with their advertorials. Terms and Conditions provide complete explanation which we seldom prefer to skip.

Compare Bonuses

If you are a new player, it’s recommended to take a closer look to the bonus offers at the bingo site. Sites offer plenty of offers and promotions, often in the form of bonus money. In fact some sites are bountiful when it comes to offering sign up bonuses. There are also humungous bonuses for players who are loyal to the site. Make sure you make the most of the limited period opportunity you get.

With plenty of bingo sites to choose from, select wisely, which site you would sign up at. Bear in mind the above points mentioned and go for a site that suits you best. At Bingo3X, all these qualities are cocooned in one shell to provide players an ultimate gaming experience.

Mobile Bingo: A leap to the future bingo world

Mobile Bingo A leap to the future bingo world


Over the decades, online bingo industry has witnessed a phenomenal rise in the number of established bingo sites. And now the latest trend is mobile bingo. Sites like Bingo3X have conspicuously made their way to mobile bingo, giving players the opportunity to enjoy bingo even on move. Players no longer need to stay indoors to play bingo. With an array of choice of bingo variants, we can proudly proclaim that we have gone mobile.


All thanks to the technological advancement that has allowed for the development to deliver fun and entertainment. Mobile bingo surely is a boon to the avid bingo players. One of the biggest advantages is that you can play bingo even on the move, but of course there is a possibility of your battery getting drained out. That perhaps is the only disadvantage of mobile bingo. And the solution lies in carrying a charger along.


Let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages of mobile bingo. You can login and play at your favourite bingo site even when you are away from your laptop/ computer. You can win real cash when you are outdoors as well. Nothing can be better than that.


However, even now, not all bingo sites have the special mobile feature. Thankfully, Bingo3X does. There are offers specifically tailored for mobile users. These offers can vary from no-deposit bonuses to exclusive deposit bonuses. These offers are often sent via text messages.


However, make sure you don’t play bingo on your mobile when it is on charge. It might be detrimental to your phone’s battery. The same rule applies for laptops as well. There is always a good and an evil to everything. The only thing is how judiciously you use your available resources.


With all that being said, mobile bingo is an incredible leap to the bingo future. Install Bingo3X on your Android or iPhone today to enjoy the good, ole game on the go.


7 Reasons why you should eat Chocolate

    1. 7 Reasons why you should eat Chocolate
  1. 1.    Chocolate is good for skin: Some people find it very hard to resist their temptation to eat chocolates. Well, it does not really matter. Surprising as it may sound; chocolates stop breakouts and are actually good for your skin. Dark chocolate in particular is associated with protecting skin. Flavonoids present in dark chocolates protect skin from UV rays. But that does not mean you step out in the sun without a sunscreen. These days chocolate facials are also immensely popular. So you know just right how good chocolate is for you.


  1. 2.     Chocolates can control coughs: Next time you cough, instead of medicine turn to chocolates. It is one of the most scrumptious ways to kick-off cough. Theobromine present in chocolates reduces the activity of vagus nerve that triggers coughing fits, thereby aiding in reduction of cough. Scientists are also working to replace theobromine by other drugs.


  1. 3.    Chocolate reduces stroke risk: Sounds implausible, doesn’t it? But yes. It’s true. Eat chocolates to reduce stroke risk. According to a Swedish study, eating more than 45 grams of chocolate per week led to 20% decrease in stroke risk among women. Flavnoid contained in chocolates helps in reducing the risk of stroke.


  1. 4.    Chocolate increases longevity: Might be hard for you to fathom. But it’s true. The oldest woman aged 122, ate two and a half pounds of dark chocolate every week. According to the Harvard Researchers, eating chocolates adds to two years of life expectancy. Sadly, in today’s world, most of the chocolates are heavily processed leading to loss of many healthy chemicals.


  1. 5.    Chocolates protect you from heart attack: Good news for heart patients. Chocolates actually are very good in combating against heart disease. Some studies reveal that eating chocolate prevents blood clots, which reduces risk of heart attack. Blood platelets clump together steadily in chocolate eaters.


.       6. Chocolates strengthen brain: Not only heart, eating chocolate is also good for your brain. Study revealed dark chocolate protects cells in the brain, and also protects against damage caused by stroke. Epicatechin present in chocolates significantly reduce the brain damage.

.      7. Chocolates prevent diabetes: Ironic as it may sound, risk of diabetes can be prevented by eating chocolates. A study conducted showed eating chocolates increase insulin and reduces risk of diabetes. Hence, if you want to prevent yourself from getting diabetes, start eating chocolates

Popularly believed dieting myths

Popularly believed dieting myths1. Eating less aid in weight loss: This is perhaps the most popular myth that every woman believes in. Most women skip meals thinking they will lose weight. On the contrary, weight loss by skipping meals aids in temporary weight loss. But in the long run it reduces metabolism, hence resulting in weight gain. So what should one do? Eat little in small intervals to keep your metabolism high. And when you eat try to include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Try to abstain from oil and butter.

2. High calorie foods will cause instant weight gain: It is not true. And for heaven’s sake stop believing it! Ok fine, true that high intake of calorie leads to weight gain. But women who panic to cheese, ice cream or cake are nothing less than paranoia. It is believed that it takes 3500 calories to put on around 2 kilos of weight. So giving a break to your strict diet regime once in a while isn’t that bad. Eat pizza once in 15 days, if you find it hard to resist. It surely will not harm you. In fact giving in to your temptations and enjoying your meal from a scrumptious menu will make your exercise and diet regime little less dreary.

3. All calories are the same: If you are following a diet that relies solely on counting calories then chances are you are going the unhealthy way. You need to know there are good and bad calories. Calories coming from fruits, whole grain, vegetables are good and essential for your diet. They are high on carbohydrates and are required for every day functioning. If you really crave to stay away from something, make sure you abstain from eating pizzas, burgers, soft drinks as they are high on calorie and will harm your body. So cut down on the wrong calories and include lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain in your diet even if they are high on calories.

4. Drinking water before a meal makes you eat less: This is an age old misleading belief that we all love to believe in. It is true drinking water before meal will make you full and thereby make you eat less. But remember you will get hungry in no time. The reality is water gets processed rather quickly. But food with high water content will take time to get processed. So include a large bowl of tomato, cucumber, orange, melons before your meal, it will make you feel fuller and you will end up eating less. Additionally, they are rich in proteins and minerals and also very essential for your daily diet regime.

5.  Avoid eating anything after 9 p.m.: And the biggest myth of all! Most of the dieticians suggest having supper before 9. Metabolism slows down at night. Nevertheless, the body requires energy to perform the basic functions even in the night. In case you feel hungry grab a handful of dry fruits or a glass of skimmed milk. They will satiate your hunger without adding inches to your waistline.

Is being too Nice Harmful?

Is being too Nice HarmfulIs being nice harmful to one’s lives. Have you come across people saying “now this is enough, I’m not doing anything for anybody ever after,” – yes we do to hear all this. In fact, a lot many times we ourselves say things like…I’m sick of all this and will not let this happen anymore. I get no respect for doing what I am doing and I have always have to do things in someone else’s way. Most of the time, such situations arise in a relationship. You want to be the best girl ever for your favourite guy and to your surprise, things end up being something absolutely the other way. Or that could be for any other person as well.

At times, tensions arise in a relationship from an absolutely surprising source. Things that you are doing to help your relationship grow are actually ruining it. Sometimes, people dissolve themselves on being so nice in a relationship that they actually end up feeling the need to move out of it and re –establish their own identity. And, this could be any kind of relationship you are with someone. You go up to such an extent of doing everything for that special person that you actually forget the person you are. Your aims, dreams, aspirations and your identity everything is in dark. You are so much swallowed up in the relationship that you have absolutely forgotten yourself.

One can be nice to their partner in various ways. That could be when you are constantly sacrificing your wants and needs to accommodate your partner’s needs. Also, when people are afraid of conflicts and overly concerned with keeping others happy end up in giving too much in a relationship. They do not express their thoughts and opinions for the fear of upsetting their partner. You are rescuing your partner from the consequences of their actions. You refuse to bring in subjects that would lead to a conflict. By constantly pleasing everyone and hoping that someone will give back for it will get you burned out in your relationship. Initially, the partner may consider it great having a partner who is constantly giving them whatever they want. However, with time even the partner will get frustrated as they cannot fix any opinion out of their people pleasing partner. The confusion will begin when their people pleasing partner will start showing their resentment. When people pleasers get seriously burned out, their behaviour drastically changes from pleasing to absolutely obnoxious and refusing everything.

You can be nice in a relationship but again as long as you have a backbone and respect yourself equally. Recognize your limits and set your boundaries accordingly. Be honest, communicate openly and respect your needs and your partner’s needs as well. Let your partner also bear the consequences of their behaviour. There is equal contribution required for a meaningful relationship! So, just be yourself.

Are you a drama queen? Take the quiz & find for yourself!

Females are often accused of being drama queens and let’s face it, it suits them. After all, they are worth all the attention. But at times some people go a tad too far to gain attention, which might leave the people around in a bad taste.

If you are under any confusion as to why people keep accusing you of being a drama queen, here’s a simple quiz to help you figure out if they are just exaggerating or you could actually fall in that category.

Take the following quiz:

 1. You’re at a party and there’s another woman wearing the same dress as you.

 a) You make sure everybody knows that it is she who copied you and the outfit doesn’t even suit her, before going back home to change.

b) This doesn’t upset you. Instead, you borrow a stole/shrug and tie your hair up to look different.

c) Quietly sneak out of the venue due to sheer embarrassment.

2. You did pretty well in your office appraisal assessment. But your boss did have some criticism.

a) You feel devastated because of the criticism and burst into tears in front of the boss and get defensive.

b) You do feel a bit hurt, but decide to improve the skills you lack

c) Smile at your boss and swear that he/she is conspiring against you.

3. You’re at a restaurant and ask for a burger without tomato slices. But the waiter brings a burger containing it.

a) You’re fuming at the waiter’s idiocy. So, you call the manager and create a ruckus.

b) You return the dish and ask the waiter to get what you asked for.

c) You mutter about the poor service to yourself, take out the tomato slices and eat the burger.

4. At a social do, you overhear some women gossip about your friend.

a) You immediately call up your friend and tell her about it. Then interrupt the discussion and give them a piece of your mind.

b) You give them a stern disapproving look and alert your friend about those people.

c) You ignore them as you don’t want to confront them.

5. Your boyfriend just dumped you.

a) You ask all your friends to come over to your place urgently. You cry your heart out, tell them what a scumbag he is and want them to help you seek revenge.

b) You wait for the weekend to inform your friends about it.

c) You are too embarrassed to tell your friends about it. You will tell them only if they suspect/hear about from others.

6. Everybody seems to be in awe of a new entrant to your circle of friends.

a) You try all the tricks in the book to outdo the new friend and let her know that you are the best.

b) Politely tell your friends that you miss their involvement in your life.

c) You also make attempts to gel with the new friend.


Mostly A’s: You epitomise being a drama queen. You crave drama and will go to any lengths to achieve it. This tendency of yours to go bonkers at the drop of a hat isn’t going to do you any good. Your friends probably dread you for your histrionics.

Mostly B’s: You’re neither a drama queen nor an ice queen. You know how to make your point by being assertive and yet not create a ruckus in front of people. Your approach to life is very reasonable.

Mostly C’s: You seem to be unaffected by what’s happening around you. You tend to bottle up your emotions and possibly can look like a doormat at times. You need to be assertive, without being too extreme.

When Marina Abramović Made Them Cry

Marina Abramović Ain’t you proud to be a human, to be someone who can think, act, do, undo, feel, relate, and conquer many many unthinkable feats! What you feel or experience if a stranger looked right into your eyes, what would you see? I recently came across this read on the web, they were mostly pictures but let me tell you, those pictures are speaking 1000 words.

From March 14 to May 31, 2010, the Museum of Modern Art held a major retrospective and performance recreation of Abramović’s work, the biggest exhibition of performance art in MoMA’s history. She game a performance called “The Artist is Present,” a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece, in which she sat immobile in the museum’s atrium, while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her.

Here are some pictures photographed by Marco Anelli from this performance which was later called Marina Abramović Made Me Cry. From the book: PORTRAITS IN THE PRESENCE OF MARINA.

After 2 minutes

After 3 minutes

After 5 minutes

After 5 minutes

After 8 minutes

After 9 minutes

After 10 minutes

After 11 minutes

After 12 minutes

After 12 minutes

After 14 minutes

After 18 minutes

After 26 minutes

After 28 minutes

After 29 minutes

After 45 minutes

After 164 minutes

 Born on November 30, 1946 in Serbia, is a New York-based performance artist. Abramović’s work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

Recipe: British burgers with triple-cooked chips

FoodWho doesn’t love to gorge on those yummy burgers and nothing could be better than having a home- made one. Here’s the recipe for your delight.

Cooking time

Prep: 25 mins Cook: 40 mins

Serve up beef burgers and golden crispy chips with fluffy insides – then stack them high with bacon, cheese, gherkins and tomatoes


For the chips

  • 4 large potatoes (we used Maris Piper), cut into chunky chips
  • 2l vegetable oil, for frying
  • Sea salt, to serve

For the burgers

  • 500g beef mince, best quality you can afford
  • 4 shallots, finely chopped
  • 2 tsp English mustard
  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 25g breadcrumbs
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

To serve

  • 4 rashers smoked streaky bacon
  • 4 large sesame-seed buns, halved
  • 4 tbsp tomato ketchup
  • 8 slices Red Leicester
  • 1 large handful lamb’s lettuce
  • 2 gherkins, sliced lengthways
  • 2 vine tomatoes, sliced lengthways
  • coleslaw, to serve (optional)


  1. Put the potatoes in a large pan of salted cold water and boil for 6-8 mins or until tender. Drain well, return to the pan and shake with the lid on to fluff up the edges. Take care not to break up the chips too much.
  2. Heat the oil in your largest saucepan to about 150C, when a little piece of potato should just start to sizzle. Fry the chips for 5-8 mins until crisp but not brown. Dry thoroughly on kitchen paper and leave to cool.
  3. In a large bowl, mix together the beef mince, shallots, mustard, egg yolk and breadcrumbs until well combined. Divide into 4 equal portions and shape into burgers. Cover and chill the burgers in the fridge for at least 30 mins (you can prep these up to 2 days ahead).
  4. Heat a griddle pan until hot and coat the burgers in oil. Cook for about 10-12 mins, turning regularly, until cooked through. Leave to rest on a plate under some foil. Cook the bacon in the pan until really crisp, then set aside with the burgers. Place the cut side of the buns onto the griddle to toast slightly.
  5. Reheat the oil so that it’s really hot – about 180C – and again cook the chips for 5 mins or so until golden. Drain and sprinkle over sea salt. Spread ketchup over the toasted buns and fill each with the burgers and other ingredients. Serve with the chips and some coleslaw, if you like.