When popular movies and TV shows become a game

You may think NJS is a bookworm. That’s true, but there’s something else besides books that I love- Movies and TV shows! No matter for how long, I can sit tirelessly watching them. Heck yeah! I love ‘em. They are often shown on different media outlets: television, movie halls, novels, internet… and errr.. Slots?!

If you are a regular player at Bingo3X, you might be well aware that popular TV shows and movies have come to the world of slots and instant games as well. Besides bingo, we offer a huge variety of instant games to keep our players entertained. It’s good to take a break from bingo at times and venture into these new genre: movie and reality themed instant games.

There are a couple of things you should know about such slots. They are designed based on the popular movie or TV shows. If you have seen these movies and shows, you can easily connect with the games. It’s almost like the movie is dubbed into these games.

Another distinctive feature about these games are the bonus rounds that are tremendously appealing to our players. You might want to know what are the best movie themed slot games you should try out? Take a look at some of my favs:

Big Brother X Factor
Bloodlines Jack and the Beanstalk
Starburst Wizard of Oz

All these slots have fantastic graphics, cutting edge sounds and of course great payouts! And as these instant games are based on popular movies and reality shows, they boast great story line and amazing characters. No wonder they are such a huge hit among our roomies!

I’m definite you will love these slots. Give them a go and experience the movies and shows even after they are over!

Have a lucky day!