Bingo Chat Room Lingos you Must Know

Bingo Chat Room Lingos you Must Know


If you are a newbie and finding it daunting to understand the bingo acronyms or lingos, then you are at the right place. Initially for most of us, it’s hard to comprehend the lingos used in online bingo chat. And remembering so many lingos can be excruciating. That’s why; we are here to unburden your troubles. There are plenty of bingo calls. Mentioning each and every lingo will not be possible. Also some of the names get changed with time; however, some of them will never go out of fashion.


On one hand, talking is prohibited at Bingo Halls, while on the other in online bingo talking is encouraged. Chat is used by bingo sites to retain the fun facet. Online bingo chat lets you talk with other players. So we thought to list down some of the popular acronyms for you.

Chat Slangs

Bingo chat rooms have their own slangs. Some are unique whilst some are extremely common across all bingo sites. Whatever the case is, next time you play with Bingo3X, after reading this blog, we are sure you’ll be well-versed with the slangs used by our roomies. Here is a list of abbreviations which will be helpful for you to get started with:


1tg: Need 1 to go in bingo

2tg: Need 2 to go in bingo

3tg: Need 3 to go in bingo

Afk: Away from keyboard

Asl: Age, sex, location

Bbl: Be back later

b4n: Bye for now

bbs: Be back soon

bl: Bad luck

brb: Be right back

btw: By the way

cu: See you

cul: Catch you later

cya: See you later

fyi: For your information

gg: Good game

gl: Good luck

glng: Good luck next game

hb: Hurry back

hagd: Have a good day

imao: In my honest opinion

lol: Laughs out loud

lyk: Let you know

np: No problem

TG : To Go (how many left)

Sys: See you soon

BBL : Be Back Later

Ttyl: Talk to you later

Ty: Thank you

Wb: Welcome back

Wd: Well done

Wtg: Way to go