How to make marriages last longer?

How to make marriages last longer?


Marriages are said to be made in heaven. But it is we humans on earth who has to make the marriage work. In today’s world, the institution of marriage has become so fragmented. Divorce rates have gone up, relationships are getting weaker. Marriages that last lifetime today are sought as highly commendable. There are few lessons to be learnt to keep marriages alive. After all it is totally our duty to make our relationship work.


  • ·         First of all understanding has to be developed. It is the tolerance level that makes a relationship work. Compassion, understanding, sacrifice from both the sexes is important to keep the relationship alive.


  • ·         Forgiving is very important. Every relationship will see ups and downs. But despite the mistakes made, can you go that extra mile to forgive your partner? It is necessary for every couple to forgive one another and move on. Sort out the issues instead of fighting on who is right and who is wrong. And if you are guilty don’t hesitate to say sorry. This also sets up a level where trust is attained.


  • ·         Plan out for holidays. It is important to spend quality time together. It makes the bond stronger. It helps to get over monotony. And in today’s world, most couples get so entangled in their career that they fail to realize the importance of spending a quality time. A weekend getaway, not only is romantic, but also gives a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.


  • ·         And always get intimate. Intimacy is the key to successful marriages. The physical contact of the other partner makes one happy. A gentle touch or a warm hug from your partner can dissolve your daily stress and help you in leading a healthy, stress free life.


  • ·         Surprise your partner always. Monotony can bring an end to happy relationships. Surprise your spouse with something special always. Spontaneity and fun keeps a marriage alive. A break from the humdrum routine relieves the partner from his/her work.


All these elements are important to keep a marriage alive. Your partner will never grow sick of you in years to come. After all it is joy and love that makes a marriage work.