Ways to Boost Happiness in Your Life

Ways to Boost Happiness in Your Life


Watch a Comedy Movie.

They say laughter is the best medicine. If you are down in the dumps, then it’s time to get your funny bone tickled. Laughter is a good way to release pent-up emotions. Laughing produces endorphins that can make you cheerful. Also laughing burn calories and is good for heart as well. So boost your well-being by munching some pop corns and renting some nice DVDs that will make your laugh your lungs out.



Our perspective about life changes mainly because of external factors. And if you are feeling blue for no reason as such, it might be because you are suffering from some nutrient deficiency. Research says low levels of omega-3 fatty acids aggravate risk of depression in humans. Another research says intake of Vitamin B supplements could help combat depression. So try to choose your foods that are rich in these nutrients. Surely you will have a healthy life.


Get Outdoors.

Research has revealed that low levels of Vitamin D leads to mood swings and depression. There are ways by which you can boost Vitamin D in your body. One is by intake of a proper diet; the other is sunshine which helps to create Vitamin D in our body. Try to spend some time outdoors during summer months. You will surely feel great.



If you want to instantly bid adieu to your blue mood, try hitting the gym or go out for a brisk walk or jogging. Intense exercise releases endorphins and anandamide which helps in lifting up your mood. And of course as you might know, exercising helps to boost confidence and self-esteem as well.



Some people think aromatherapy aids to only relaxation, which is not true. There are many oils used in aromatherapy that can boost happiness and help you get rid of depression as well. Some aromatherapy oils like jasmine, geranium, bergamot etc are very good to make you feel relaxed and happy. If you are feeling blue, try adding few drops of these oils to water and burn it on an oil burner. You can also purchase a room spray containing these oils. It will surely make you feel good.


Take Risk Sometimes.

To boost your confidence and endorphins, challenge yourself regularly. But that doesn’t mean you put your life in danger. If there is something you intended to do for a while but have been putting off lately, it’s time to bite the bullet. Your fear can be asking someone out or bungee jumping or even hitting the gym. Conquer your fears and it will make you feel good about yourself and also boost your self-esteem and confidence.



If you are seriously depressed for quite some time now and going through a difficult phase in your life, it’s better to seek help from a friend or a counselor who can listen to these issues of yours. No matter how bad the situation is, always remember there is no shame to seek help from someone. As they say problem shared is problem halved!

Treat Yourself Regularly.

Make the most of the little things in life. Make a to-do list of things that make you happy. It can be something as simple as catching up a good friend, drinking, playing games etc. Make sure you schedule in one such things that make you happy and make it a point to do it every day. This will gradually improve each day in your life and make you feel better.