Latest Fad- Eyebrow Transplant

Latest Fad- Eyebrow Transplant


Eyebrows add a lot to our beauty and expressions. Brow fashion has evolved a lot over the decades. From arched to prominent thick, the trends have changed a great deal. From plucking to waxing, a new fad has emerged in the market- eyebrow transplant. This is becoming increasingly popular among urban women. While plucking can permanently damage the follicle, making eyebrows thin, this new fad seems to be an answer to eyebrow thinning problem. Sometimes overplucking makes the growth of the eyebrows sparser leading to gaps in the brow that takes a lot of time to fill. In such cases getting a fuller eyebrow can be done artificially in this day and age.


How is it done?

In eyebrow transplantation, hair from the head is taken to implant in the brow region to give it a fuller look. A small area is shaved and numbed. Hair follicles naturally found in the scalp are clubbed together. And don’t fret, for there won’t be any cuts or stitches.

A typical eyebrow transplant may require nearly 500 hairs, obviously depending on how sparse your brow hair is. Tiny holes will be placed with needles over your brow to plant hair. All this will be done under anesthetic injection.


After the treatment

This procedure does have little cons as well. Little swelling or bruising around the eye for couple of days might be an issue. The hair holes will scab over and fall off in 2-3 weeks time. After 3-4 months, hair will start growing back. Full growth will be visible after approximately 6 months.

However, hair will start growing back like hair on head; hence you will need to trim it regularly. You can dye, pluck, shape, and do whatever you want.

This procedure takes about 4 hours. Some antibiotics and steroids will be given to you for few days post this procedure. You sternly need to follow the given instructions. You cannot rub the area lest it might get infected.