5 Simple Tips for Long-Lasting Marriages

5 Simple Tips for Long-Lasting Marriages


To make any relationship survive, a lot of effort has to be made to make it grow stronger with time. Differences and clash of ego is very common in marriages. However, there are ways by which you can make your marriage last longer. There are some habits that can be adopted to make your relationship last forever. We would like to share these forgotten secrets with our bingo lovers.


Express. Keep it Simple!

Few months after marriage, expensive gifts don’t work anymore. It is the little things in life that adds value to a relationship. Something as simple as cooking your partner’s favourite meal as a surprise dinner can boost happiness in your relationship. The very thought that you took the effort to arrange something special will make your partner love you even more. So, next time you plan on buying something expensive, make sure you pay attention to the little things that can make him/her happy.

Be a Team.

Sharing responsibilities and working as a team is a great way to keep your relationship alive for lifetime. The house belongs to you both. Hence, helping out with the chores and doing small errands here and there will make you both feel that you belong together. It also develops compatibility and understanding. This is something very simple but it helps in building a good rapport with your partner.

Don’t Forget To Give Space.

This is something most couples forget or perhaps take for granted. And as they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, some space in your relationship is necessary. Your partner should spend some time out with friends or for their hobbies. If you are married, it doesn’t mean you spend every minute of the day together. Sometimes if you cling on to your partner the entire time, it can get really frustrating.

Always Communicate.

Communication is very important for a long lasting relationship. Talking about every issue in your life is a good habit. Such marriages are bound to be successful. And if there is something you don’t like about her, speak with her instead of keeping it within yourself. But don’t argue and end up falling out. If you keep things in your heart, you will bottle up your emotion and it might cause havoc in your relationship in the long run.

Power of Intimacy.

Physical intimacy is important no matter how long you have been married. Something as simple as hugging or cuddling or even hand holding makes any bond everlasting.

Be positive.

Couples who have a healthy, strong relationship always focus on the positive aspects of their partner. They would seldom crib about the negatives that they have. This also makes the partner feel that you accept them for who they are.