Get that Perfect Look this Valentine

Get that Perfect Look this Valentine
Aaah! Finally the most awaited day is here. I’m sure you have terrific plans for this day. Whether you want to go out for a dinner or spend the day out with your sweetheart, make up is something you just can’t do without, especially on this special day. Sweep him off his feet with these imperative makeup tips.

The Day Look

If you are not planning for a romantic dinner, instead planning for some outdoor fun, you obviously should not wear too much makeup. But still you need to look glamorous and ravishing. Here’s what you need to do: 

• Whatever makeup you are using, go for a naturally, healthy glow. For this keep your makeup as less as you can. You just cannot overdo it at any point in time.

• You can always conceal the imperfections with a foundation. Choose your foundation according to your complexion.

• Use a tinted moisturizer because it gets absorbed well and gives you an even base.

• Choose eye shadows that are coral, petal pink or buttercup in colour. And define it with a contrast coloured eye liner.

• Use a light blush for your cheeks, and wear a shiny, subtle coloured lip gloss in light shades like pinks and corals.

• For the hair, curl it up which will give it a simple, romantic look. Or perhaps you can also try fish plait.

• Try out nail extensions and lovely nail arts

Dinner Date Look
If you are planning out for an enchanting candle light dinner, you’ve got to look ultra- glamorous 

• Get those smoky eyed looks with kohl, mascara and thick eyeliner

• With those heavy eye makeup, you can neutralize your lips with bronze or peach colour lipstick

• And make sure you use a highlighter to make your face shine.

• Tie your hair or just go for that curly looks. Make sure you don’t have a bad hair day.  Infact a sleek pony too looks very classy

• For your nails, choose a white base with red graffiti. Try some nail art. He will love it.

The Party Look

If you are partying out instead, go for a playful, sexy look.

• Use two eye shadows this time, not contrasting but of the same colour. Lighter shade should be applied on top of the eyelid, while you can use the darker shade on top of it.

• Use a thin liner to define your eyes. You can also add some glitter on it for a tempting shine.

• Use dark lipstick for this kind of a look.

• Experiment with nail-art too! Get crystals studded on your nails to make him go crazy!

• To give this look a finish, highlight your hair in bold red or any colour that goes with your complexion. But red streaks are simply amazing!