Hot or Not: Dating Younger Men

Hot or Not Dating Younger Men


Love is always spontaneous and unplanned. You never know when that cupid strikes your heart. But what if that cupid forgets the age and you fall head over heels with a guy younger to you? Seems pretty bad, right? But you can’t help it. If you have hots for younger men or you are already dating one, here are few things you need to know.


While some people think, there is nothing wrong with dating younger men, and what matters is the rapport you build, while few eyebrows might get raised from your friends and family. However, it is important to know making such a relationship survive isn’t a cakewalk. What you really need is honesty, communication and clarity to keep it going.


Fun Factor Will Be Alive In Your Relationship.

Dating younger men can be much more exciting than one can anticipate. When men grow older, they get tied up with their career and leave no scope for fun. While younger men are lot more fun and experimental in their approach towards life. So if you’re partner is quite younger to you, your journey will indeed be a rollercoaster ride.


Differences Will Arise.

If you are dating a bloke, who is way too younger than you, be sure of one thing- Differences are inevitable. Having a different taste in music and culture is one thing, but what if these differences start taking a toll on your relationship? You might end up compromising and find yourself in a greater trouble. In such difficult times, it’s better if you are compatible and laugh together at situations. It’s very essential in such relationships to enjoy each other’s company rather than making an issue out of each other’s differences.


You Feel Younger.

There might be some difference in your approach towards life. While you may enjoy sitting at a park, he might insist to go for a party. And actually, if you look at the world through his eyes, it won’t be that bad. Dating a younger bloke might be an initial challenge but trust me it’s way more thrilling than you would have expected. It makes you feel younger when you live your life the way he does.


Might Seem Immature.

It is often said, don’t let the child in you die. It is true indeed. But when you date a younger guy, you realize that he is not grown up at all. And the situation worsens when you expect him to act mature. And mostly after a fight you tend to realize this. Your partner might get too emotional and unable to handle delicate situations.


He Will Always Respect You For Who You Are.

The way you take charge of your own life can be a learning experience and an eye-opener for your partner. This will make him respect you even more. The fact that you are older and experienced will actually make him look up to you.


May Not Be As Responsible.

A younger guy is less likely to discus on topics like marriage, family etc because he is not ready yet. And you being independent might want to settle down. All this might trigger unhappiness in your life. As he is not matured enough to handle responsibilities, he might fail to understand its importance as well.


Keeping all these points in mind, dating a younger guy might be challenging as well as fun. It’s a chance you need to take. To make such relationships survive, you need to communicate, understand one another and build a rapport.


How to make marriages last longer?

How to make marriages last longer?


Marriages are said to be made in heaven. But it is we humans on earth who has to make the marriage work. In today’s world, the institution of marriage has become so fragmented. Divorce rates have gone up, relationships are getting weaker. Marriages that last lifetime today are sought as highly commendable. There are few lessons to be learnt to keep marriages alive. After all it is totally our duty to make our relationship work.


  • ·         First of all understanding has to be developed. It is the tolerance level that makes a relationship work. Compassion, understanding, sacrifice from both the sexes is important to keep the relationship alive.


  • ·         Forgiving is very important. Every relationship will see ups and downs. But despite the mistakes made, can you go that extra mile to forgive your partner? It is necessary for every couple to forgive one another and move on. Sort out the issues instead of fighting on who is right and who is wrong. And if you are guilty don’t hesitate to say sorry. This also sets up a level where trust is attained.


  • ·         Plan out for holidays. It is important to spend quality time together. It makes the bond stronger. It helps to get over monotony. And in today’s world, most couples get so entangled in their career that they fail to realize the importance of spending a quality time. A weekend getaway, not only is romantic, but also gives a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.


  • ·         And always get intimate. Intimacy is the key to successful marriages. The physical contact of the other partner makes one happy. A gentle touch or a warm hug from your partner can dissolve your daily stress and help you in leading a healthy, stress free life.


  • ·         Surprise your partner always. Monotony can bring an end to happy relationships. Surprise your spouse with something special always. Spontaneity and fun keeps a marriage alive. A break from the humdrum routine relieves the partner from his/her work.


All these elements are important to keep a marriage alive. Your partner will never grow sick of you in years to come. After all it is joy and love that makes a marriage work.



Want to ask a guy out? This is what you need to do!

relationshipsWhat is that one thing/person girls love to love the most? Yes! You are right, it’s men/guys.  No matter however much may girls like to express their displeasure over why guys are the way they are, the fact remains, girls wouldn’t want them to change because there’ll be no fun left .

Am I right girls? Are you eyeing a guy right now? Do you want him to ask you our but don’t know how to go about it? Then what’s coming ahead is going to be of much help for you. I belong to school of thought where I think it’s the guy who should make the first move; however, girls can just provide them with motivation enough. And this is how you can do it without being in your face.

Do Not flirt

First things first, do not just start flirting with the guy. It just goes on to show your desperation, which is not a good sign. Be casual; just ask him to come with you while you were going to check this new bar or coffee shop. Once you are there, the dinner will automatically happen. Just in case, he doesn’t wait for the dinner, don’t even bother to see him again.

Keep the focal point on yourself

All you have to do is drop hints to the guy on where he can possibly find you that day. If he comes back, he’s all yours. Tell him you are going for a coffee today, or you’ll be going to this club tonight and see if he asks to accompany or you coincidentally find him there. These hints really work well.

Watch a movie together

This is one of the best things to do. If there’s a new movie coming up, tell him about it and how you so want to go for it. If he’s interested, he’ll surely express his interest in going for the movie with you. This is the apt time for you to judge if you have similar interests and how interesting the company is for you.

Tell him about your love for desserts

Girls love ice creams and chocolates.  So when you get an opportunity, let him know your love for such things. Rest he will make sure you get it, and added advantage is going to be the good company you were looking for.

Ask for help

De the girl in distress and he shall come to your rescue. If you are having some problems at work, discuss it him and he will be more than ready to help you. This is turn could turn things well for you two.

Reasons why someone wants to be you!

Bingo3XAre you one of those people who keep wishing they were someone else? People who are in awe of someone else’s life and so busy doing that that they forget to appreciate their own life. If actually you fall in any such category, it is time that you realise how much better you are that the person sitting next to you or the one you are in awe of.

There are people who are waiting and wanting to be you. So love yourself, be who you are and feel positive. Life is all about looking up and looking ahead, there’s no looking back. Never! Here are some reasons why someone wishes he could be you, while you are ignoring yourself.

You can read this

You are educated enough to read this! Education is one of the best things to happen to humans and precisely this is the reason which puts humans in a better category. Do you even know that there are about 774 million people in this world who don’t know how to read or write. These people are looking up to you, these people want to be you. Be happy that you are at a better position today.

You are healthy

The very fact that you can read this says that you are pretty healthy. You can sit, your brain lets you connect to the internet and read good things about yourself. You can see this world and feel its beauty. There are a lot of people for whom this everyday activity of yours might be a once in a lifetime dream.

You can choose

To choose is one of the biggest freedoms of all times and you have that freedom. You know what you like, you have options and you are choosing to play bingo or read this at the moment. Remember, not everyone has these choices in life.

You still have a chance

Even if you might have failed some goals, you might not have been able to achieve some of the things you had planned to achieve, but the very fact that you can read, write, you are healthy – all state that you have a chance. You have a chance to prove yourself, to live life, to love life, to love yourself.

So next time, you think you were someone else, kick the thought. Look at yourself in the mirror and blow yourself a kiss. You are totally worth it.