Make tips every woman must know

Make tips every woman must know


Apply Eye Shadow before Foundation

Many people wonder when to apply foundation. Most women put eye shadow after foundation which should not be done. Flecks from shadow fall on your face, making it difficult to wipe off the foundation that you just applied.


Do Not Skip the Primer

Primer is like glue that will help in holding makeup hours after you venture out. It makes our skin’s surface smooth. And don’t confuse primer with a moisturizer. Always moisturize your face, wait for some time and then use primer. The best way to apply a primer is to take little primer on your palm and rub gently with your middle and ring finger. Massage it all over your face for a minute and wait for 5 minutes and then apply foundation.


Choose the Foundation Closest To Your Skin Tone

Most women pick up the wrong foundation. It is essential to choose a foundation that goes with your skin tone. Next time you head over to a makeup store, be sure to go all natural. And to know which shade is the best for you, test the shade on your jaw line. This will give you a match of the exact skin tone.

After Applying a Loose/Pressed Powder after Liquid Foundation

Make sure you don’t look like a shiny mess. By applying powder, you are sealing the makeup. Thus you can avoid a melting face.


Get Rid Of Old Mascaras

Every time you open that bottle of mascara, bacteria clings on to the wand. Please make sure you throw away the mascaras that are older than three months.


Do Not Go To Sleep With Your Makeup On 

We all know sleeping with makeup on is harmful for our skin. Still some of us do it despite that knowledge. Pores tend to get clogged and our skin can’t breathe due to makeup. And when you wake up in the morning, you squeal to see an ugly pimple on your face. Next time when you go out on a long night out, make sure you carry makeup remover wipes in your handbag.