Are you a Drama Queen?

Are you a Drama Queen


There are people who love to be the centre of attention. Not always for the right reasons. Do your friends and family think you are a Drama Queen? Perhaps you think it’s a sheer exaggeration. It’s time to unravel the truth. Take the quiz and you’ll get to know if it’s an exaggeration or a hard hitting truth.

P.S. – Be Honest!


1. You attend a party and find another woman wearing a similar dress like you worn.

a. You make it a point everybody knows she copied from you or the dress does not look good on her, before you go home to change it

b. You don’t get upset about it. Instead, you borrow a shrug/ stole, do your hair differently so that you look different

c. Sneak out of the party because you are embarrassed


2. You do pretty well in your office appraisal assessment. However, your boss has some minor criticism for you.

a. You feel completely devastated and burst into tears and act defensive.

b. You feel bad, but decide to work on the skills you lack

c. Smile and your boss and think he/she doesn’t like you or is conspiring against you


3. You go to a restaurant and ask for a burger without tomato. Despite mentioning this, the waiter gets you a burger containing slices of tomato.

a. You are raged with the waiter’s stupidity. You call the manager and create havoc in the restaurant

b. You return the dish and ask the waiter for what you order

c. You get frustrated, muttering to yourself about the poor service. Take out the tomato slices and eat your burger


4. At a party you overhear someone gossiping about your friend.

a. You call your friend and tell her everything you heard. Then you interrupt the discussion and give a piece of your mind

b. You tell your friend about whatever you heard and alert him/her about the group of people

c. You ignore as you don’t intend to confront them


5. You get dumped by your boyfriend.

a. You ask all your friends to come to your place urgently and cry your heart out. You speak ill of him and seek help to take a revenge on him

b. You wait for a week to inform your friends about the situation

c. You are too embarrassed to tell your friends about it. You tell them only when they are suspicious or get to know from somebody else


6. Everybody seems to be in awe of a new entrant to your circle of friends.

a. You do everything to get rid of this new member in your group

b. Talk to your friends how you miss them in your life

c. You attempt to get along with this new friend

Result Time:

Mostly A’s: You epitomize being a drama queen. You yearn for drama and will go any lengths to achieve it. This tendency of yours to go bonkers isn’t going to do you any good. Your friends probably fright you for your histrionics.


Mostly B’s: You’re neither a drama queen nor an ice queen. You know how to make your point by being assertive and yet not create a rumpus in front of people. Your approach to life is very reasonable.


Mostly C’s: You seem to be unaffected by what’s happening around you. You tend to bottle up your emotions. You need to learn to be assertive, without being too extreme.