Beating the Bingo Tax

Beating the Bingo Tax


People from around the country are struggling hard to bring down bingo taxes. The campaign is raging with over 300,000 petitions having been submitted to Number 11 Downing Street. People are protesting to bring down bingo dutyfrom 20% to 15%.


Bingo players hailing from Wiltshire and Swindon signed the Boost Bingo petitions in order to show their support. These petitions were then taken to the Downing Street.


The campaign began in the beginning of the year. People summoned to lower bingo duty. The Boost campaign has received an overwhelming support from 400 bingo clubs across the nation and from the general public as well.


Bingo is a leisure activity which is rife among the British folks.


Now that 300,000 petitions with signatures has been gathered, the campaign spearheaded by The Bingo Association organized a celebratory march in Westminster. This culminated in the hand in of the petitions to the Chancellor’s residence at Number 11 Downing Street. This made people aware of the importance and sensitivity of the issue.


People like Brian Binley MP, Therese Coffey MP and many more showed their support by marching from the Parliament to the Door at number 11 Downing Street. Philip Davies MP and Meg Hillier MP also came out to support the mob.


Now this campaign which is quite popular is calling for the Government to lower the excessive tax as it is preventing investment and employment.