Tips and Strategies to Make More Money on Bingo

Tips and Strategies to Make More Money on Bingo


A full page dedicated to bingo winning strategies? Sounds implausible! Bingo is supposed to be a game of luck, isn’t it? Well, technically speaking, aye! But there are ways you can tweak your luck and increase your chances of winning. Just like any and every game, you need to make some decisions and strategies here as well. These strategies will increase your winning chances and make the game lot more enjoyable.


Bingo3X is quite popular among bingo enthusiasts. And what’s the reason? Besides the offers, the naughty mascots and easy navigation there is something more to it. The site is powered by Dragon Fish! Now you must be wondering what’s in that? Well, the wagering requirements are the lowest of all. Don’t be preposterous to fall prey to the humungous Welcome Bonuses. Most sites do that to increase footfalls to their website. Once you sign up, play and win the catch comes! High wagering requirement! But thankfully, with Bingo3X you are in safe hands. The lowest wagering requirement in the whole bingo industry! Hence, choosing a site with the least wagering requirement is indispensible.


Besides all that, playing a safe game is of paramount importance. So it’s suggested, you play bingo mostly when you think most people are not likely to. With less people to play, your probability to win also goes up. Also prefer to choose bingo games that that has auto-daub option.  That will minimize the risk of missing out any number. And you know well, how important each number is on your card. So prefer auto-daub option always.


Another interesting way to win make money is by partaking in the Pouch-a-Vouch game every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 8:00 PM. To do that, you need to take part in the Facebook contests every day. You can like, comment, share the posts. For every such activity, you get 5 free tickets to the Pouch-a-Vouch game. Up for grabs are some amazing gift vouchers from Amazon, Debenhams, Highstreet et cetra. So you can win some steamy vouchers without spending much.


Also you should buy more and more cards while you are playing a particular bingo game. That definitely makes your winning chances better. And when you are making a deposit, make sure you make the most of it. There are times when the site gives extra bonuses, take advantage of that situation. Collect as many bonuses as possible. Also you can partake in ‘Daily Dose’ by making a minimum deposit of a tenner and stand a chance to win daily bingo bonuses.


There are several small tricks like these that you can apply to make the most out of your bingo experience. We’ll give you more such bingo tips in near future. So keep your eyes peeled!


There are players who have made fortunes by playing bingo. It is a tradition indeed but more than that an amazing platform to make money if you know the tricks just right. Bingo is a game blended with luck, strategy and fun. So good luck to all next time you play!