That crazy stupid thing called…

bride1Love is a crazy thing. You bet it is! The extent that people go to for the sake of love is astonishing and quite hilarious, if you ask me. While the money they splash and the wrists they slash are all part of the package, the superstitions that are followed religiously till date take the cake. You think the 21st century is too fast and forward to fall in the trap of superstitions? Look around!

There are loads of superstitions attached to a wedding and there is hardly any bride who doesn’t follow at least some of them, no matter how much they try to brush off the matter by shaking their well-groomed heads.  The wedding dress, for instance, is quite a show stealer, as far as the number of superstitions attached to it is concerned.

Bad news girls, it isn’t enough to have an Alexander McQueen wedding gown to ensure wedded bliss. Aww, isn’t that a shame? Turns out, the gown should not even be complete till the time you leave for the ceremony. If you got it made from a local tailor instead of clawing a designer one, you are in luck. You can ask him to leave a couple of stitches undone till it is time for you to walk down the aisle. And of course, the thousands of pounds that you’ll save by opting for the neighbourhood designer is just a bonus!

The colour you choose, apparently, has a lot to say about your wedded life too. Don’t even dare to think of a green wedding dress, unless you want your guests to think you just had a roll in the green fields with your dress on, A green gown, as it turns out, means you are a promiscuous bride. The fortune of colours like red, yellow and pink have been thus sealed –

Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead,
Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow,
Married in Pink, your spirit will sink

A surprising twist to the wedding superstitions story is the spotting of the black cat. This much maligned feline, which is universally accepted as the harbinger of woe, is actually considered an auspicious thing to be spotted by the bride during the journey to where the wedding is being held. Every cat has its day, I’d say.

No wedding on the cards? No matter, you can still enjoy a few such superstitions. If you want to fall in love soon, your best bet would be to fling that razor out of your bathroom window. Why? If folklore is to be believed, hairy legs are a sure-fire sign of attracting love. And we hear stumbling while going up the stairs is also good omen for the same reason. And after you have managed a substantial growth and stumbled a few times, go ahead and place a mirror under your pillow before going to bed. You are likely to see the face of your next boyfriend that night! Good luck.

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