The beauty practices you should run miles away from

SplashingOvergrown Bangs

As a child, I was in awe of movie stars who flicked their hair after every 10 seconds during a television interview. As a grown up, I realise it is ridiculous and definitely not chic. Also, it is one thing to play with your locks and flick it once in a while (the once-in-10-seconds routine is utterly uncalled-for) and quite another to part the curtain in front of your eyes every now and then just to be able to see if a truck is headed your way. If you have bangs, trim them every couple of weeks to retain the trend. If you’ve outgrown the style, pin them with pretty hair pins when they are in their in-between stage and do NOT let them blind you.

Plucking Your Own Brows

Besides being a sadistic-looking practice, plucking your own brows is impractical and something everybody should stay away from. There are hundred other ways of keeping your eyebrows from looking like the tail of a squirrel or a fox and going on them with a tweezer all by yourself is definitely not one of them. Those who have tried this and lived to tell the tale narrate horror stories about having to draw on the patchy job with brow crayons. If you cannot afford any way of keeping your brows in shape, let them grow but do NOT have a go on them yourself. Bushy brows aren’t so bad. Think Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars.

Splashing Water on your Face

All face-wash commercials unfailingly have a pretty girl splashing water on her face dramatically to emerge later with goddess-like skin. There are, however, two problems with this – a) it is an unimaginative, beaten-to-death concept and b) splashing hot water on your face can be drying and damaging. Both my grandmum and my mum have always followed the wash-cloth style and both of them rock porcelain mugs. To wake yourself up and give sluggish early morning skin a boost, wet your soft wash-cloth with cold water and for your before bedtime ritual, wet it with warm water. Apply sunscreen/moisturiser/night cream immediately for best results.

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