The Experiences of Motherhood are Miraculous Moments

The Experiences of Motherhood are Miraculous Moments The joy of being a Mother is one of the most miraculous moments that any woman experiences. Raising a kid is an amazing experience for any individual to experience especially for Mothers. For, throughout history Mothers have always been known for being the caretaker of the kid. Their job was stay back at home, taking care of the kids while their male counterparts worked on earning the money for bread and butter. However, with changing times, woman have proved themselves a lot more than just being responsible for home chores. But, still they have not missed out on playing the role of Mothers effectively. Whether you stay at home or a working lady, no woman has missed out on playing the role of a perfect Mother.

When I look back into the years of raising my children 3 kids, the immediate thing that flashes my mind is washing the cloth nappies, cooking, cleaning, non-stop breast- feeding, mopping up urine puddles and washing wet sheets, pretending to be the Fairy, Santa Claus, pretending to be sure even though, they have found out the truth, answering the same questions again and again, finding out answers to their questions – and so much more.  Yeah it’s a 24 hour role, but believe me it’s a wonderful feeling to indulge in doing so. At times, I did experience head-aches, heart aches, back aches and God Knows what not. But, still I get excited recollecting the thoughts again in my mind. In short, the experience of Motherhood cannot be explained in just a word. The years prior to my Motherhood just revolved around writing, there was no other job I preferred to do apart from writing. However, Motherhood changed me entirely. In the key years of my Motherhood, leave writing I did not get the time even to read a journal. Although, I still did manage to write a few that could get published but it was not something as I had envisioned before I had my kids. Well, do I resent the fact – certainly not! I was so wrapped up in the experience of a Mother that I did not have the time to think much about my writing hobby. And, even when I did not write, the only thing that concerned me was I being able to play the role of a Mother effectively.

Children will make you do things that you would have never thought even in your wildest dreams. My way of dealing with them, got filtered with my every performance. It just got better day by day. It’s been different stages of dealing with them. The teens being the most difficult stage (due to the complexity of developments happening at this time), but if you just handle it a bit diligently things can be taken in control. You cannot win your kid’s trust as a teenager, unless you have developed their trust in their early developing years. The relationship begins right form birth, so the first hour and the first year of your child birth is vitally important. In every stage, your child develops physically and emotionally, so the role played by you is indeed very important.

To put it in short, the journey of Motherhood is just Wow! The journey I experienced is something that has taken me much beyond of what I even thought if I was capable of doing it. It is just not self-gratifying but has also made me an individual efficient of making dependable choices. Being a Mother, is a great feeling!

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