The super amazing Andrew Garfield

theamazingspidermanPersonally speaking, I have never been a fan of superhero movies. Sure, Batman is dark and considering I like all things dark, I do fancy him a little and maybe have a daydream or two about him once in a while. But a full blown crush on a superhero in a spandex costume? Nah, not my thing.

Or so I thought till I set eyes on Andrew Garfield. I was walking down the road near my neighbourhood cinema and I happened to see a poster of the latest retelling of the endearing superhero, Spider-Man. Then I walked into a tube station and there he was again, crouching and waiting to make a leap to fight against the horrible baddies. And to borrow a cliché, I am hooked! To borrow another cliché, I am into the guy hook, line and sinker!

Lean and wiry, he has the perfect body for the fitted red and blue suit. And though 28 years old, he looks convincing in his dazed teen expressions too! He is nerdy enough to be the timid Peter Parker but something tells me Garfield will add a dimension to the Spidey character that we never thought possible. He is the nerd with the punch. To me, he looks like the hero waiting to come out of its shell. With the movie releasing in nationwide theatres tomorrow, my level of excitement has reached a level that I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Here’s hoping The Amazing Spider-Man leaves me amazed in the most positive sense of the word!

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