These are a few of my favourite things!

tea hillsI have recently made a tiny discovery and ever since then, I happen to see it everywhere around me. It’s one of those things that is very obvious and yet, we remain oblivious to it. And when you know of its existence, it is just about everywhere. Everyone loves doing what I have just discovered people love to do. From young girls in school to teenagers to office-goers, the list is endless. And what is my all important recent discovery?

It is this – everybody loves making lists!

I know, I know, you were probably expecting I had come up with a life-altering or life-giving discovery. Well, it isn’t quite that but this is knowledge too! Now we know, everyone likes making lists and ticking things off them and this knowledge is not without its benefits. While some can use this understanding to better understand others, advertising agencies can tap into it and design list-like advertisements to appeal to the inner psyche of the public.

So, what kind of list do people like to make? Every kind! From daily to-do lists, to bucket lists, to lists of favourite movies, lists of favourite books, lists of places to visit, lists of people to avoid, shopping lists, lists of food to eat, lists of food to give up, lists of qualities to emulate, lists of required behavioural changes…and the list goes on!

My personal favourite list? The list of places to go to before they are off the face of earth:

  • Olympia, Greece
  • Machu Pichu, Peru
  • Assam (in pic above) and Goa, India
  • Hamams in Turkey
  • Bazaars in Morocco

PS: This list is still under construction.

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