Things to avoid to prevent bloated bellies

FlatbellyEver wondered why, despite your best efforts, the flab around your waist just refuses to melt away? When everyone told me belly fat is the hardest to burn, never even in my dreams did I imagine it to be this hard. What haven’t I tried? From intensive cardio to 100 crunches a day, from a variety of ab exercises to 50 different types of diets, I have never shied away from giving it my best shot.

I was doing all the right things. Heavy breakfasts, balanced lunches, light dinners and snacking only on low calories fruits and green tea as well as having over 3 litres of water a day. My diet plan would have made dieticians across the world happy. I didn’t even limit myself to cardio exercises; I indulged in weight training and core strengthening exercises too. I could see the difference in my hamstrings and quadriceps, could see my arms getting toned and my calves getting shapely. But my belly? Nada, zilch, nothing, zero!

I began maintaining a food journal (extremely effective for those trying to lose some weight) and I realised that bloating was one of my main concerns. I was shocked to find out about the food items that resulted in this condition. The foods that upset the stomach and cause bloating may vary from person to person but here are a few shockers that might be the reason behind your belly still looking billowy:

  • Bulky, raw food

You thought munching on farm-fresh carrots would do you a world of good, right? Well, I am sorry to say, it comes with consequences. When it comes to vegetables, eat only cooked stuff. Half a cup of cooked carrots are equivalent to one full cup of raw ones, as far as nutritional qualities are concerned! Also, they occupy less space in your G.I tract and help avoid bloating

  • Gassy food

We all know at least one thing that makes us feel all full, bloated and uneasy. Some of the common ones include cabbage, cauliflower, legumes, broccoli, lettuce, baked beans, apples, citrus fruits, some milk products and coffee.

  • Drinks with high acid content

Just like coffee, acidic fruit juices, alcohol and even tea can sometimes irritate the G.I tract and cause swelling.

  • Low calories food

What an irony but true nonetheless. Low calorie foods like energy bars, dieter’s cookies candies etc contain sugar alcohols. So, while these might be good to keep your calorie count low, they cause abdominal distention and bloating and are thus, not to so good for a flat stomach.

  • Chewing Gum

We reserved the biggest shocker for the end. Seriously, who would have thought? But the truth is, you end up swallowing air when chewing gum. This air gets trapped in your G.I tract leading to bloating and belly expansion.

Try avoiding these, who knows, you just might just crack your belly-fat-loss deadlock!

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