This Valentine’s Day, Express to your Lady Love

Valentine’s Day, Express to your Lady LoveBuying the perfect Valentines gift can be a little daunting at times. Especially, for guys it can be a tough task, deciding what could be the perfect gift to make it one of the most special days for your lady. Flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and perfumes have been a trend throughout the ages, however doing something out of the way and different is also a good idea. Actually, you should gift the person based on the level of your commitment, else your partner might be hurt.

The first and foremost is to find out her likes, and accordingly you can treat her with something of her choice. Girls always like to be treated with something sweet and nice. They love things that can give them sweet memories. However, again all women are different, some like classic romance like chocolates, jewellery, flowers etc., and, there are some who would want you to understand them and support her interest. So, there are actually innumerable ways to reward the love of your life.

Here is a fabulous list of gifts that can help you delight the lady:

  • If the girl likes simple stuff, then you can gift her with stuff like scarves, funky hats, bags to hold their kitty make up kit. The gift is a perfect one for travelers.
  • For music lovers, gifts like a JLab will be an excellent choice that can let her tune into music at any place of her choice. The blue tooth gadget comes along with an enabled speaker and comes in four combinations.
  • Wacky notebooks are also a good choice to treat your beloved, so that every time you have your cute little fight, she can make a note of it. Or maybe, she can pen down all the interesting things happening with her life.
  • A coffee mug, with some cute encryptions or maybe you can seal in some of your memorable clicks. (This option can be tried in various stuff like T-shirts, pendants, photo frames and posters)
  • Why not surprise her with some pampering sessions by taking her for a spa session. Let her enjoy some relaxing and rejuvenating sessions.
  • Wake her up early in the morning making a surprise visit with a cake, chocolates, wine and stuff that delights her.
  • A lunch or a dinner date is certainly a must. You can set the event according to the choice of the lady. If she wants it simple or lavish?
  • Try something different like if the lady likes tea, then why not treat her with different types of tea so that she can experiment some new varieties.
  • Surprise her with small little gifts every hour by keeping it in different places and allowing her to explore it.
  • Gift a teddy bear so that she can cuddle it and relate it to you, when you are not there. This you can give if she is interested in soft toys.
  • Cute outfits and simple jewellery will also make her feel special.
  • How about some good lingerie stuff? Actually it’s quite a good idea to actually break the ice. What say ;)

In short, it is all about choices! One thing that you certainly need to remember is to make her realize how important she is in your life. Even a small note of love can do a lot that probably even expensive gifts cannot. So, go ahead and speak out what is in your heart J

 You can even express your affection by making your own little gifts. Try something creative, ny making something of your own.

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