This Winter stay Warm and Fashionable

This Winter stay Warm and Fashionable This cold season, do you feel out of ideas of dressing up well and staying fashionable at the same time? For me, it is the best time of the year for I can pull out all my lovely woollies and grab my favourite cup of hot chocolate to sip it all day long. Dressing up in Winters is all about giving a new meaning to your dressing. However, at the same time you need to maintain the style statement by looking fashionable. Layering with woolen garments helps us to keep the winter chill away, however adds bulk to our body and makes us look stuffed up. Therefore, the best way is to dress up with good quality wool.

A few secrets for women to stay warm and fashionable:

For women, there is so much of Winter wear to experiment. In fact, with so much stuff to try, one can actually create their own style statement.

Layering: Girls have numerous options of layering themselves with a variety of things at offer- like you can wear a skirt on top of leggings. A full sleeved shirt underneath a cut sleeve jacket also gives a smart look. You can even try coloured vests, leather jackets and scarves to layer yourself.

Coats: When you are out on the streets during Winter, the first thing that will grab attention of people is your topcoat. Therefore, you got invest in something stylish and that which can keep you warm. Peacoats are a timeless piece of fashion and choosing bright colours like purple, magenta or blue can be an excellent choice to give that first impression. Faux fur is also one that is in style from a long time and will remain to be one forever. Along with this, the other options are Trench coats, Bomber jackets and Insulated jackets.

Pick a proper Topper: When there is a cold wind blowing, you can opt for a stylish hat or may be a well knitted cap. Also, beneath you can try a good hairstyle that could enhance your look.

Scarves: Scarves have been in fashion from a long time. They aid in completing your look by complimenting your different pieces of clothing with each other and giving a complete look to your attire. To avoid the cold wind during harsh Winters, chunky stoles knitted of wool can not only prove to be functional but also fashionable. Also, did you know this that there are 25 different ways that a woman can wear a scarf around her neck. Thus, it is important for every woman to stack their wardrobe with this accessory. One can try printed stoles, floral ones, polka dotted scarves, shaded, embroidered and many more. Amongst all these, the leopard print continues to be a rage amongst many.

Full Sleeved Shirts: There are a good range of fashionable full sleeved shirts available these days and one can team it up with a wide range of accessories. For an outing, a loose fitted sleeved shirt can be paired with your outfit to give that casual look and also keep you cozy.

Socks: Knee length socks are quite a hot trend in the season. This Winter, if you are planning to wear short skirts, do not be hesitant to do so for you can always go for one and team it up with your knee length socks or you can even wear stockings or thick tights.

Footwear: Do not forget to put on the right footwear. A pair of sturdy boots that fit close to your calves has always been an excellent choice. Another classy alternative is the leather riding boots. Knee-high slouchy boots also team well to keep you looking smart and chic during Winters.

Well cold Winters are not just about staying indoors but experimenting new things with your wardrobe and enjoying the new look that you discover about yourself.

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