Tips for healthy, youthful radiance

glow skinThe weekend is over and if you are anything like me, you too would have had a decadent time – one that is replete with excessive eating and drinking. In other words, a time filled with excessive merry-making. Surely, that’s what weekends are for. There is a slight problem, though. I am not sure about you but I am not too fond of what I see in the mirror on Monday mornings. This is something that gets me edgy and fidgety.

I spend the better part of my week daydreaming about catching up on my beauty sleep during the weekend. However, I end up doing just the opposite. As a result, my Monday face is usually dull, lifeless, patchy and grey. My under-eye area is hollow and dark and my skin feels parched over all. I am aware alcohol is partly responsible for this state and I have vowed not to touch a drop ever again (well, at least till the next weekend). In the meantime though, I have learnt of few tricks to get my glow back. Here’s how to go about it:

Cleopatra swore by it and so do throngs of other beauties of varied popularity. If you haven’t already guessed, it is a bath that I am talking about. Skin indulgence begins with a piping, hot bath. Add some bath salt or bath bombs, let yourself sink into the relaxing concoction and watch your stress melt away.

While you are still damp from that bath, take some de-stress massage oil and rub it lovingly all over. We love Tisserand De-Stress Massage Oil; a rich, aromatic oil that brings home the spa experience.

To bring lustre back to your face, apply a detox face mask and follow it up with a luxurious, rehydrating, detox cream. A thermal mask that detoxifies and a detoxing cream that takes the process a step further ensure baby-bottom skin from the first application.

Remember to indulge in good quality, stress relief eye care products. A cooling eye mask and anti-tiredness under eye cream are your best bets, especially when applied at night. Try Estee Lauder’s Stress Relief eye mask.

Nothing rejuvenates like a good night’s sleep. The above mentioned steps should have you prepped up for that. So, dim the lights, wear a satin eye mask and catch up on lost sleep. Sweet dreams.


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