Tonight, have breakfast for dinner

Egg BurritoBe it work or household chores, a gym workout or power yoga, all of us seem to have found ways to eat up most of our time (and energy). So much so that after a hard day’s work, going the whole hog to make an elaborate dinner seems almost like torture. Dinner needs to be simple, for the tummy as well as for the one making it. And nutritious, of course! How wonderful life would be if we find a way to make healthy dinner in 30mins or less! Wait a sec, seems like there actually is a way to do that!

So, what do you do when you want to grab quick dinner that is laced with health-boosting elements? You have breakfast. No, you didn’t read it wrong and no, it isn’t a typing error either. I am serious; you really can have breakfast for dinner. Pray, why shouldn’t anyone do that? Breakfast food is yumm, gives you your dose of vitamins and minerals, has lower levels of cholesterol and is quick to make! Even the simplest omelette has health benefits that a lazy frozen pizza cannot dream of having. It doesn’t need to be an everyday affair, if you fear it will put you off breakfast. But hey, on a hard day, nothing more comforting than comfort food, right?

So, what will it be tonight? Whether or not you possess the staples to make an extensive Chicken Paella, Roast Turkey or even a Mushroom Lasagna, your refrigerator is more than likely to store eggs, bacon, some spinach, tomatoes, frozen blueberries, oats, milk, flour, butter, cheese…you get the idea. Basic ingredients like these are more than enough to whip up a relishing dinner in no time at all. So get those mittens on and bring out the pots and pans. It’s dinner time! Here’s a simple recipe to help you get started.

Super Quick Egg Burrito:

You will need –

2 eggs

1 cup frozen veggies (carrots, peas, corn, pepper, anything you like)

1 whole-wheat tortilla

½ cup shredded cheddar

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Next, stir in your frozen veggies. Spread the mixture on a microwaveable plate and microwave the mix for a minute. That done, bring it out, stir with a fork, and microwave again until the eggs are cooked. Now fill it into the tortilla and top it with shredded cheddar. Good to go, already!

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