Under the Milky Way tonight!

glassofmilkAs I opened my fridge yesterday for a snack in between snacks, I was thrown back to times not so long ago when the word milk meant only one thing – milk! And now? Hypermarkets have dedicated sections catering to number of different types of milk. From soy milk to fruit flavoured milk, nutty milk to rice milk, goat milk to even camel milk, the variety available has left poor old regular cow milk fighting for shelf space.

When you go grocery shopping next time, which one should you pick? Should you stay faithful to the stuff you have been drinking since you happily roamed around in nappies or should you try the bizarre but healthy alternatives? Here’s what some of the now common varieties of milk will do for you. You pick the one that best suits your needs:

Soy Milk – One of the most protein rich milks around, soy milk has quite a fan following. Not only is it nutritious, it has a wonderful yet mild taste and is the perfect choice for lactose intolerant folks and vegans among you. But don’t stop yourself from sipping on a glass of the same even if you are neither lactose intolerant nor a vegan. As one of the healthiest options available, this one gets my vote!

Almond Milk – The things that work for almond milk? The mildly sweet and nutty taste as well as the high concentration of calcium and vitamin D. What doesn’t work for it? The lack of protein in it. If you are confident about getting your daily dose of protein from other sources, go right ahead and include this tasty variant to your diet.

 Goat Milk – One of the most nutritional variants available, goat milk has all the benefits of cow milk without any of its drawbacks. The chemical composition of goat milk is closest to human milk than any other kind of milk is and is thus, easiest to digest. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-mucosal and thus, does not induce gas, bloating or other forms of indigestion that cow milk is guilty of. Low in fat but is high in goodie-goodie fatty acids and calcium.

Rice Milk – So you are one of those people who, apart from being lactose intolerant, cannot digest soy and nuts and are not a big fan of how goat milk tastes? You are the poster child of rice milk then! Unfortunately, this kind doesn’t have anything to talk about in the protein department.

Cow Milk – Whatever said and done, skim cow milk is still one of the healthiest options available to us. Protein and calcium rich, it is also a mega source of vitamin D. If your stomach can hold this stuff up without making you feel like a hot air balloon, trust mama’s choice and down a glass of this now.

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