Understanding the Chakras – Part III

chakra 3The 6th Chakra, also known as the Brow or the Third Eye Chakra is situated right in the middle of the forehead, between the brows. The colour of the Chakra is indigo and it corresponds to the musical note A. The 3rd Eye Chakra influences intuition and insight. It effects our ability to see and feel the onset of things before they actually happen. The 6th Chakra is believed to be the foundation of psychic powers. A balanced 3rd Eye Chakra help us see auras as well as our spirit guides who, in turn, help us pour over our past and peep into our future. We are better able to visualize. Physically, the eyes, vision, brain and the central nervous system are affected by this Chakra.

Signs of imbalance – Clouded mind, chaotic thought pattern, nightmares, headaches, inability to reach conclusive decisions.

Known as the Crown Chakra, the seventh Chakra is just above the head area or the crown. Called the Sahasara Mandala, the Crown Chakra is represented either by the colour violet or white and corresponds to the musical note B. It is symbolised by holy spirits. The Crown Chakra is our link to the higher forces of the universe and connects us to them. An imbalanced seventh Chakra leads to ego-driven desires. Also, imbalance in this Chakra results in a shadow of gloom being cast over the whole system.

Signs of imbalance – Depression, alienation, feeling listless, exhausted, confused etc.

It is very normal for people to have one or two blocked or imbalanced Chakras. To find someone who has all his Chakras in perfect harmony and balance at all times is highly unlikely. However, to find happiness as well as to maintain physical and mental well being, it is imperative to keep all Chakras in a fairly balanced state so that there is nothing to interfere with cosmic energy being transferred within each other.

Chakra balancing results in a great deal of emotional healing and spiritual progress. There are various methods of keeping them in harmony and these range from adopting the Hands-On method and practicing it at home to seeking the help of energy healers.

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