Understanding the Chakras – Part II

chakra 2The third Chakra, or the Solar Plexus, is located at the base of the rib cage. The colour of the Chakra is yellow and its responds to the musical note E. The Solar Plexus is said to be the foundation of the metal body. It is responsible for human beings picking up vibrations from other people as well as from places and things. The third Chakra is responsible for motivating us to transform and bring about changes. Physically, it affects digestion, stomach, liver, small intestine, pancreas, the nervous system etc. A balanced third Chakra enables us to accomplish what we want, attracts prosperity and balance and in turn, helps us feel safe and secure.

Signs of imbalance – Indigestion, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, nervous disorder, skin irritation, allergic reactions etc.

The fourth (Heart) Chakra is situated right in the middle of the chest. It gets its name from its proximity to the heart. The colour of the Chakra is green and is denoted by the musical note F. The Heart Chakra is also at the centre of the entire Chakra system, with 3 Chakras above and 3 below it and is the place where the physical and spiritual sides of the body converge. The Heart Chakra influences trust, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and helps us be at ease with ourselves.

Signs of imbalance – Colds, asthma, heart problems, sense of being trapped, claustrophobia, seeking reassurance constantly, isolation etc.

Also known as the Throat Chakra, the fifth Chakra is situated in the throat and influences communication, expression, artistic outlet, creativity, wisdom, judgement and belief in self. The colour of this Chakra is blue, its musical note is G and it is symbolised by the human race. Physically, the fifth Chakra influences the throat, thyroid gland, mouth, teeth etc. A balanced Throat Chakra enables free communication and helps one connect with others.

Signs of imbalance – Throat and thyroid problems, stiffness in the neck region, lack of inspiration, creative block, inability to communicate exactly etc.


6th and 7th Chakra and Chakra balancing to follow in the next post

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