Use Hair Dryer to Clean Up Your Home

uses of a hairdryerWhich is that one place where you spend most of your time? Of course home, right! This one reason makes it evident enough that we need to keep it clean and organized. So here I’ll get you some tips and on decorating your house and easy ways to clean it up. We’ll pick one topic weekly.

For today, let’s start with the hairdryer. Yes, you read it right! There is a lot more that this dryer can achieve other than making your hair look hotter. So here see how a hair dryer can be used for multi-functional roles.

Dust out-of-reach places

If you are not able to reach to the corners of those top shelves, get the hair dryer to your rescue. Just low it on cool and there it’ll ward off all the dust. Begin from the top most shelves to work gravity work for you. Isn’t it simple!

Detach a photo from an album

No matter how much time we may spend on our laptops and desktops, nothing beats the charm of going through old photo albums. Touching that piece of glazed paper is like reliving old memories. So coming back to the point, if you find a photograph sticking to the album cover, don’t fidget, just blow warm air at the back of the page while gently tugging the photo free!

Make the shower curtain or plastic table cloth wrinkle-free

Blow hot air into the wrinkled material; just make sure that you keep the hair drying at least 12 inches away from the plastic shower curtain or table cloth to keep it away from melting.  And your material will be ready to use.

Dry cool for perfect frosting or icing

Though the hair dryers main function is to blow dry your hair, it can also solve some cooling purposes. To harden frosting on cakes or cookies, blow cool air directly on it. To brighten a dull finish, give the icing a hit of hot air.

Erase crayon marks or wax spills

If you have kids at home, removing crayon marks will be an everyday task. Make it east using the hair dryer. Blow-dry the stain on high until the wax melts, then wipe with a soapy sponge.

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