Want to ask a guy out? This is what you need to do!

relationshipsWhat is that one thing/person girls love to love the most? Yes! You are right, it’s men/guys.  No matter however much may girls like to express their displeasure over why guys are the way they are, the fact remains, girls wouldn’t want them to change because there’ll be no fun left .

Am I right girls? Are you eyeing a guy right now? Do you want him to ask you our but don’t know how to go about it? Then what’s coming ahead is going to be of much help for you. I belong to school of thought where I think it’s the guy who should make the first move; however, girls can just provide them with motivation enough. And this is how you can do it without being in your face.

Do Not flirt

First things first, do not just start flirting with the guy. It just goes on to show your desperation, which is not a good sign. Be casual; just ask him to come with you while you were going to check this new bar or coffee shop. Once you are there, the dinner will automatically happen. Just in case, he doesn’t wait for the dinner, don’t even bother to see him again.

Keep the focal point on yourself

All you have to do is drop hints to the guy on where he can possibly find you that day. If he comes back, he’s all yours. Tell him you are going for a coffee today, or you’ll be going to this club tonight and see if he asks to accompany or you coincidentally find him there. These hints really work well.

Watch a movie together

This is one of the best things to do. If there’s a new movie coming up, tell him about it and how you so want to go for it. If he’s interested, he’ll surely express his interest in going for the movie with you. This is the apt time for you to judge if you have similar interests and how interesting the company is for you.

Tell him about your love for desserts

Girls love ice creams and chocolates.  So when you get an opportunity, let him know your love for such things. Rest he will make sure you get it, and added advantage is going to be the good company you were looking for.

Ask for help

De the girl in distress and he shall come to your rescue. If you are having some problems at work, discuss it him and he will be more than ready to help you. This is turn could turn things well for you two.

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