Ward off wrinkles, drive away dullness

acid peelLet’s admit it, ageing has a bad rep and none of us want anybody to associate us with it. The older we grow, the keener we are on stopping the clock. While we might all advocate graceful ageing and embracing ourselves just the way nature intended us to be, there is nothing wrong with wanting to prolong our youthful glow and staying radiant for as long as possible. When we go the length to ensure our bodies stay fighting fit for the longest possible time, our skin definitely deserves the same kind of effort and pampering.

Now that skincare science has advanced, it should be easy to find the right product for our needs, right? No, not really. In fact, going down the skincare aisle at cosmetics and drugstores makes me wonder if I should have taken my chemistry lessons in school more seriously. Over the counter drugs today boast of a number of different acids that promise to fight a plethora of varied skin problems for that flawless finish. But, picking the wrong product can prove to be counter-productive.

Here’s how to choose the right products to keep those unpleasant lines and spots away:

  • Wrinkles: If it’s fine lines around your mouth and your eyes that you are targeting, a dose of anti-oxidants should feature prominently in your day-to-day skincare regime. If used daily, anti-oxidants will neutralise free radicals and encourage cells to repair existing damage. Try products with vitamins C and E for the day. A night cream rich in collagen-boosting retinol is a must. Tip – use an extra dose of the night cream in your under-eye area. Always use your ring finger to apply anything under the eye.


  • Dullness: Ageing causes reduced cell turnover which leads to a build up of dead skin, resulting is a dull, lifeless complexion. The best way to remedy this is to exfoliate skin regularly to shed the dead layer and reveal the fresh one lying underneath. However, facial scrubs available in drugstores are often too harsh for the skin and leave micro-tears. Instead, look for products such as cleansers and lotions with glycolic acid. Sensitive skin can opt for moisturisers with the milder lactic acid in them.


  • Spots: While a light sprinkling of freckles can at times look rather cute, that’s hardly the case with big, dark, unsightly spots on the face. Such spots are usually the first signs of ageing and damaged skin, appearing as early as the mid-twenties. They also make a person look decades older thus, making them a serious problem. To counter this, use skin brightening serums with hydroquinone twice a day.



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