Watches no more a Timepiece but a Style Statement

Watches no more a Timepiece but a Style Statement

There is a saying – Time and Tide wait for none! Well, in the world that we live in, people have learnt how to avoid the tide and know how to carry the time. Wondering how come? The answer is- wrist watches. Gone are the days when watches were worn on the wrist just for the sake of checking the time. The device has undergone a lot of changes and rather than a necessity, it has become a piece style statement. A watch also speaks a lot about a person’s personality. The watch you wrap around your wrist speaks out a lot about yourself, status and power. The fashion industry has become so immense that it encompasses a lot many aspects in our daily dressing. With a wide range of brands and a spectacular range of designer watches available for men and women to be worn in different occasions, automatically people are inclined to choose something out of the ordinary. There are sport watches, digital watches, party wears, luxury and vintage watches.

However, each watch plays a different role in speaking about your personality, thus you have to be careful in picking up the right one that will suit you. Here are a few things to mention:

  • Casual Wear: Just for a casual look, one can try on something simple like a gold or silver plated watch. Else, something elegant will also fit well, especially the one with a sober dial and a leather strap.
  • Parties: The wrist pulls a lot of attention; therefore on special occasions wearing something in gold plated with crystals embedded on it will give an impressionable look.
  • Sports: For those who indulge most of the time in outdoor and sports related activities like diving swimming, gaming etc., and for them a sports watch will be an excellent option to flaunt the sporty look. Sports watches have features like pressure sensors, stopwatch, temperature, depth meter and a lot many features.
  • Kids: Digital watches with a few cartoons will be perfect.
  • Women: For women, the list is endless as there are numerous options for them to try. The ones with a bracelet, diamond embedded dials, multiple colour straps.

One important thing to check out is the size of the dial and it solely depends as how one can carry it. For men, it is always suggested to buy watches with bigger dials. However, even women also carry quite well wearing watches with a bigger dial. In fact, it gives a very classy look. Well, it’s all about how you flaunt and carry the accessory on yourself.

Initially, the well-known brands were worn only by the elite and the famous people. For, they were the ones who could afford them and valued the worth of the expensive watches. However, now with more and more masses being educated and independent to take care of their needs and comforts have migrated towards the world of fashion. People are more interested in experimenting new stuff and changing their style statement quite often. Also, budget will not be a problem for trendy and fashionable watches are available in a wide range of prices. The trend of wearing fashionable watches began during the 80’s and gradually flooded into the fashion zone making a prominent place. Ever wondered that watching time will become a fashion fad! Well, it has become one now!

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