Water Babies: Nine Months Twins Indulge in Under Water Fun

Water BabiesThe two young twins- William and Ellenita have put me in a state of awe with the remarkable talent that they recently displayed. These two young kids, who can even barely walk or talk, swam in a 25-metre pool.  You can actually see them gliding up and down and kicking their legs in the water to propel themselves. And, while doing this they seem to be smiling too.

The two twins are absolutely extraordinary especially with the achievements that the kids have shown, it seems to be truly remarkable and that too being just nine months old. The first time that the kids displayed this act was during a family holiday to Cyprus in the month of October. It is in this place they had performed an underwater act without any help and even without armbands. During their return to Gloucestershire, their Mother Charlotte took them to a local baby pool at Cotsworld Leisure centre where they immediately started swimming on their backs. The scene was absolutely astonishing as told by the former swimming coach Mrs. Trykush (the twins Mother). And, also while swimming, the kids seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. The sight seemed to be truly remarkable that the two little kids can do something like this. A lot of babies can hang in water but for swimming, kids have to be at least three or four years. But, Elle and William can swim on top of the water and even manage to breathe properly. They have not learnt to do it, the talent is just natural within them. And, that too they swim in an absolutely relaxed manner.

Also, the swimming coach took them to a big pool. There too they set off with their swimming and completed the entire length. Also, the coach took them underneath putting them on their back. Elle was always first and William seems to be following her. Seeing this sight, all the receptionists and swimming coaches were struck with amazement. One of the trainers had been training there for almost 20 years and had never seen something so amazing like this. The kids were born on 7th February and had a very traumatic birth. They were born six weeks early through an emergency caesarean and William was almost close to death. Initially, Ellenita weighed five pounds and William was four and a half pounds. They were kept in incubators for some time but soon they were fine. After they had their inoculations and they were big enough so that their bodies could regulate with the outside temperature, they were given the chance to try this. Currently, aged 10 months they make a visit to the swimming pool twice every week. Isn’t it amazing? If they continue doing something like this, then we might get to see them in the Olympics 2028 games.  Don’t you think so?

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