Ways to get over your hangover

hangoverSo, you did it once again. Another weekend, another hangover. Should that mean another hung-over and sick feeling Monday? Not necessarily. Hangover cures abound – some mythical and some medical. But which cure should one pick? Should you go for the one that your best friend swears by? Or should you listen to what your body is screaming for and treat it accordingly?

Hundreds of hangovers as well as nauseous and dizzy mornings later, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, there is no one size fits all solution. So where does one start? Definitely at hydration. Whether it is your head that’s pounding away or it is your stomach that is unable to hold up, you need to rehydrate yourself at all costs which is why drinking gallons of water is the first step to recovery. Some time tested formulas to cure a nasty hangover include:

  • Avoid caffeine: Since rehydration is our goal, it is important to avoid tea, coffee, aerated drinks, sodas and packaged juices as they dehydrate further, wreaking havoc in your system.
  • Drink: Apart from water, drink a sports drink like Gatorade. A glass of water with salt and sugar would also do just fine.
  • Eat: Think a heavy, greasy breakfast to cure a hangover is just folklore? Think again and try it! You definitely will not regret doing so. Make sure to go heavy on the eggs (protein) and include complex carbs.
  • Supplements: Along with your Aspirin, also take a B-complex supplement
  • Sleep: Yes, many of us do not have the luxury of doing so, especially if the hangover is on a Monday. Those of us who do have that option must make the best of us. Get up, drink up, grab a good breakfast and rest it out to wake up in the afternoon, feeling fresh as a daisy.

What to avoid:

  • Drinking more alcohol: No, the ‘Hair of the Dog’ policy is plain, simple bad advice, at least as a hangover cure. Abstinence is the key.
  • Exercise: If someone has suggested heavy exercise to ‘sweat out’ the alcohol, he/she has given you a perfect recipe for disaster. Avoid at all costs. You don’t want to dehydrate yourself further and collapse.
  • Drinking raw eggs: While cooked eggs in any form (boiled, fried, omelette etc) are good for you, Rocky Balboa style downing them raw definitely is not. You don’t want to pile on salmonella poisoning to your already bad state.

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