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Welcome to Bingo3X – an online bingo site that will blow you off! How, do I hear you ask? Well, here’s how. First up is the design. Nowhere would you have seen blue, yellow and red look as stunning as they do when they come together for this site. Happiness and positivity ooze from the screen when sunshine yellow, scarlet red and cool blue combine in the most player-friendly design. The design is such that manoeuvring through the site is a dream run.

Being a smart site that it is, Bingo3X has its hold on the pulse of the crowd. Which is why players will get to play both the amazing bingo variants here – 90 ball bingo as well as 75 ball bingo. Not to forget the range of mini games where massive jackpots can be won in a matter of minutes.

Wholesome entertainment gets a whole new meaning at Bingo3X. Here, apart from the online games, players will also have a chance to watch some awesome videos, read hilarious comic strips or stay tuned about a range of diverse topics through our blog. The site will also come up with a monthly newsletter to keep players in the loop of all that’s hot and so-this-moment!

Our videos will keep you gaping and waiting for the release of the next. All videos are going to be interesting and interactive. We bet once you see one, you’d be waiting with bated breath for the next. Same goes for our comic strips, humorous, light-hearted, flirty, sweet and candid, these strips have been designed to be super stress-busters!

And this blog – this is your go-to place for scoop from around the world. Keeping with the easy manoeuvring and clutter-free approach of the site, the blog is further divided into 7 sub-categories, namely – Bingo News, Promotions, Big Winners, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Lifestyle, Entertainment & Gossip and lastly, Food & Drink.

So whether it is sartorial advice that you are looking for, a little nudge to cook up something special for a special someone, fitness mantras, guide to being a domestic goddess, hosting a garden shindig or best of them all, some celeb gossip, the Bingo3X blog promises to be your BFF and keep you posted. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook fanpage, you win some cool stuff. See you around!

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