What dogs say about their owners

BeagleA dog is a man’s best friend – this oft repeated saying might have more meaning to it than you imagine. There are many, many tales of this famed friendship, of one sacrificing its life for the other. The centuries old encounter has, without a doubt, established that a dog is a loyalist to the core and will stand by you for the longest time. However, recent studies have thrown more light on the dog-man relationship. According to the findings of a psychologist in the Bath Spa University, even though a dog can’t speak, its breed says a lot about its owner’s personality.

It is argued that just like people tend to look for personality traits similar to themselves in their partners, they tend to do the same when it comes to their dogs too. So, a lover of the Labrador retriever species, which is seen as obedient and eager to please, is usually an agreeable person. So is one who owns and loves his Cocker Spaniel. The study reveals that people tend to pick breeds that fit their lifestyles. People with extroverted personalities tend to prefer and own herding dogs like German Shepherds, sheepdogs etc. German Shepherds are maligned to be aggressive when in reality, they are just watchful, alert and fearless but not unnecessarily hostile.

Owning a hound dog like a Greyhound or a Beagle is an indicator of the owner’s emotional stability. Just like these breeds, their owners tend to be happy-go-lucky and family friendly. Think of a Chihuahua and you’d probably think of a glamorous person, thanks to Paris Hilton being one of the most famous owners of that breed of dogs. But it is believed that owner of toy dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent, confidence and open to new experiences in life.

Owners of utility dogs like the English Bulldog are conscientious, kind and dignified. However, owners of Terriers and working dogs like Dobermans or Schnauzers have no stand out personality traits.

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