What is the cost of everlasting youth?

shiseidoWhat is the price you are willing to pay to look young and gorgeous for longer? While a Boots anti-aging cream can cost £19 or £25, my favourite Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle and UV Damage Corrector comes for £52. Since this baby works just fine for me and keeps my skin looking supple and glowing, I hesitated when I saw the price tag for the Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Serum at Harrods. Priced at £195, it was, in my opinion, pretty steep for a product that claims to fight the depth of your wrinkles by 27% in a month.

That got me thinking, are anti-aging creams really worth all the money? This led me to the next thought in my head: What could possibly be the world’s most expensive anti-aging cream and how much has it been priced at? A few moments of research later, I had to run to the fridge and pull out an ice pack. Though mentally I knew I was looking at a big figure, my eyes were not completely prepared to focus on the number that they actually saw.

Ladies, the world’s most expensive anti-aging cream is a limited-edition cream from Japanese cosmetic giants Shiseido that comes for a whopping, hold-your-breath amount worth $13,300 or £8545.56! For a price that makes the usage of every big, gaudy adjective perfectly plausible, I expected the cream to have diamond dust, rare gold particles and breakthrough anti-aging technology that has been perfected outside earth, tested on humans, animals and aliens and has been found to show results in an hour flat.

The actual reason why the cream has been priced at $13,300 is however the jar it comes in!

This Shiseido wonder comes packed in a handcrafted jar with 30 layers of crystals and 3 layers of platinum! It also has a non-fancy version apparently that has the same content but no platinum or crystal encrusted packaging and has been priced at $632 or £406.1 ONLY.

Something tells me I’d be happier with (personal) historically significant laugh lines and crow’s feet than being willing to burn craters in my pockets!

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