What to look out for in Bingo3X Facebook Page?

What to look out for in Bingo3X Facebook PageWe at Bingo3X are always feeling sociable- that’s why we created our very own official Bingo3X Facebook page. We love nothing more than a cheeky natter with our lovely roomies. And Facebook is just the perfect place for it. Loads of players are already following us on Facebook and there are ample of reasons for you to be a part of the fun too!

Do you have a Facebook account? If not yet, create one now and pop over to Bingo3X and ‘LIKE’ our official page. It is great to have all the Bingo3X fans under one roof. Our Facebook page is the place where we publish our latest offers, bonuses and plenty of other exciting stuffs. We also love to hear what our fans have to say about us.

So what can you look forward to in our Facebook page? Well, tons of stuff actually! For starters to get involved in our Facebook page, click here and like our page. Not only will we keep you updated with the latest news, but we will also give you free bingo bonuses just for ‘liking’ our page. Yes. That’s right folks! We appreciate our bingo fans so much so that we give them free bonuses.

Our Facebook page is fun. You will find fun, silly pictures, bit of updates, few competitions. Wow! It’s a mad, mad world! Feel free to comment underneath our statuses. If there is a post that tickles your funny bone or moves you, feel free to like, comment and share. Also in case of any suggestions, grievances or feedback, don’t hesitate on reaching out to us. Our players mean a lot and so does your feedback. It will help us in serving you better.

And that’s not all. Pouch-a-Vouch is a monthly game extremely popular among the roomies. After all who would not love vouchers from Debenhams, Highstreet, Amazon and more? And all this comes for FREE. But wait till you hear the best part. You get to snaffle your choice of vouchers! Keep your eyes down on 15th of every month at 8:00 PM because that’s when the big game takes is slated for. For every like, you get 2 free tickets and for every comment, 3 free tickets. A maximum of 60 tickets can be capped by each player. Winners waltz off with a share of £50 worth vouchers absolutely for free.

The chance to scoop free bonuses doesn’t stop just here. Players can play the Bonus Booster app for extra bonuses up to £15. Still want to stay away from the fun? We bet you can’t.

Also Facebook is a great platform to interact with Bingo3X team. Write on our wall, share your views about the site, how you want us to serve you better- we would love to hear from you! There’s so much going around, so keep your eyes peeled to find out the next big thing on Facebook. In fact social media is a great way to be close to us. Check us out on Facebook and give fun a whole new meaning.

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