Who is this Alien Ruling over my Body?

Who is this Alien Ruling over my BodyWhy women are so grumpy? It’s a frequently asked question by men. Of the two sexes, men rarely are accused with the unpredictable mood swings. It’s always the fairer sex that is generally accused for having moods that change like tides. Not only are the mood swings unpredictable but also vengeful. Well, what is the cause of all this? At times, have you realized just as you hang up the phone after talking to your girlfriend who would have shown her different moods in just a 10 minute conversation. One moment she would have been super naughty, the next super nice and finally she would have been terrible leaving you in a puzzled state wondering “who is this three headed monster”? A minute she will tell you how happy you make him and suddenly she might tell you that you have made her life simply miserable. You are absolutely in a clueless state, wondering what’s wrong. Men too experience mood swings, however for certain reasons women are more associated with more mood swings. It has always been reported that women suffer from depression more than men. At least one in every four women suffers from depression.

Causes for Mood Swings in Women

A mood swing is defined as a mood that erratically changes from one condition to an extreme condition and without the effect of any external factors to trigger the changes. There are various causes of mood swings and most of it is likely to occur in women. Find out a few of it mentioned below:


Hormones are responsible for ruling our body. Women’s hormones tend to get a bit awry at one point every month due to the change in the level of estrogen during PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Also, the condition worsens due to severe pain and obvious discomfort experienced at the time that results in short temper. The severity of the pain experienced varies from women to women, thus their moods are also affected similarly. Some women may experience severe mood swings while the others may continue to remain calm and placid.

Psychological Disorders

There are a range of psychological disorders that affect the moods of women in various ways. This includes depression- especially particular forms like bipolar depression that is characterized by sudden changes in moods like from mania to severe depression.


Stress is also another cause, especially these days with the growing level of competition and the work pressure one has to undergo, it automatically makes a woman lose control over temper. One common symptom of depression amongst women is prone to crying easily.

Other Hormone Disorders

There are other hormone disorders that also lead to depression and mood swings. Like, hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to encourage the body to burn enough fat and provide energy. Actually, this condition is more common in men.

Dealing with Mood Swings

In most cases, someone undergoing a mood swing will always want someone to listen to their troubles or probably will want to be left alone. However, it is always advisable to vent your feelings to someone who can really understand you well and help you work through it. Crying can also help, as it is a healthy form of catharsis. Alternatively, you can even distract yourself by doing something that you look that could be reading a good book watching a comedy movie and listening to music. In fact, the best option is to sleep and take proper rest. Else, you can even indulge in physical activities like exercising, aerobics, sports, gym, yoga, dancing and a lot more. And, if the situation is really severe then you must visit a doctor. For, he can suggest you some medication or even use hormone replacement therapy.

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