Who’s the hottest of them all?

untitled 1Like many others of the sisterhood, I too am feeling the side effects of the football season.  I mop around the house, go from room to room feeling neglected and only second best in my man’s life. No amount of nagging helps, unfortunately. When 22 strapping young lads of two nations start running behind the ball, the world comes to a standstill for the menfolk.

To combat this, some of my friends have taken to long neglected hobbies. Shocking reports reveal that many women have also started having affairs (online and otherwise) to keep their morales from dipping too low. And me? Being devoted to my boyfriend, I have come up with a plan that keeps me happy (very happy, rather) and doesn’t jeopardise the relationship either. What is my magic formula? I snuggle up to my man and conduct a mental beauty pageant of the players!

Here’s my list of the strong contenders till now. The winner is yet to be declared.

Georgios Samaras

Greek god? You bet he is! Towering at 6’4”, Samaras makes me skip a beat every time he appears on screen, his silky mane flying behind him. It got to a point when it became quite difficult to hide the drool and agape mouth from my boyfriend. Sigh! I was gutted when Greece didn’t make the cut.

Mesut Ozil

I am beginning to think I have a thing going for these rippled footballers with long(ish) hair. Another strong contender for MoMo’s Hottest Football Crush ever contest is the German Mesut Ozil. Oh those deep, dark eyes! And it seems he is quite an asset to his team too. Makes him even more drool-worthy, in my opinion.

Cristiano Ronaldo

And how could a list of football hotties be complete without a mention of the sizzling, smouldering Cristiano Ronaldo? His football credentials need no mentioning, even I am aware of his ability with the ball. The Portuguese hottie has come of age and how! Gone are the days when he looked like the adorable boy next door. Our man is hot stuff now, even modelling for a high-end underwear brand, rippling 6 packs in full display. It’s getting quite hot in here, I certainly think so!

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