Why do world famous celebrities meltdown publicly

paparazziFrom where we stand, they seem to have it all. Name, fame, riches, lovers and all other trappings of a life we are secretly itching to lead. From flying in their private jets to sailing in their own yachts, holidaying in their private islands to having support staff of the size that can give armies of small nations quite a complex, from owning condos all over the world to adopting children of different nationalities, celebrities have the world thrown at their feet. And yet, it is becoming increasingly common to find those very celebrities throwing away their seemingly blessed lives and having very public meltdowns. Unfortunately, some of those meltdowns also have fatal consequences.

They are human too

Is fame jinxed? Or should we blame our insatiable appetites for the tiniest personal details of a celebrity’s life for making the media hound and corner them, ultimately resulting in their violent, vulgar and eccentric outbursts? As beautiful, gorgeous and god-like these celebrities might appear, the truth is – they are all human beings too, with only a limited threshold for stress.

That’s me in the spotlight

Imagine being in the spotlight every waking hour, being ridiculed for having a hair out of place, being blogged about for wearing the same dress/shirt that you had worn 3 weeks back, for carrying a bag that is so least season, for being followed every time you go out to run errands, for having every encounter with the opposite sex speculated upon. Imagine seeing your picture on the front page of every tabloid for giving a smile that makes your teeth look crooked or worse, a blown up picture of your mobile screen caught in action when you were texting someone at a public place.

If we can be flustered and frazzled about the cake not turning out right, for the little ones throwing a tantrum about how they don’t like peas for dinner, for the heating not working properly etc, can you imagine how highly stressful it must be to have every move monitored, written about or caught on camera? Just the thought makes me break out into a sweat!

Friends or foes?

Another unfortunate reason for such public celebrity meltdowns could be the people that surround them. When we find ourselves being stretched too tight, we are free to kick back and cool off. We can take a walk in our favourite park, catch up with an old reliable friend who is known to give sound, practical advice or even have lunch at our favourite restaurants.

Not only can the harassed celebs not step out without being pictured and ridiculed even more for their stressed and frumpy appearance, their friends are usually the publicists and other sharks from the same industry who rarely say words that the despairing celebrities need to hear. Sure, millions of people love them but how many of them have friends or spouses they can rely on? The answer is disheartening.

So, it isn’t surprising to see the likes of Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, David Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse and others succumbing to pressure. What is surprising, however, is to see that despite a few fatalities, the paparazzi culture shows no signs of slowing down. A rather scary and shameful reflection of our society.

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