Why should we get married?

Why should we get marriedIs marriage really necessary in today’s society? This question strikes me quite often, that do I really need to search an ideal mate for myself. Well, a few things to argue on this, for I will not say that marriage is a mistake, however I would add to this that marriage is not something that suits everyone. Marriage is one of the biggest commitments of your life. And, one of the most sensitive relationships that mankind has to experience. Therefore, prior making this serious commitment, one has to do an introspection of the situation they are heading in for. Else, you might have to bear the consequences later on. The point is not that one should not get married, it is just about a careful decision that one has to make. Every individual in their lifetime, has thought at least once of finding that right person with whom they wish to spend their entire lifetime. When that right person is found, automatically it is followed by marriage. However, the question here is that are there any benefits of marriage.

Well, there are quite a few good reasons to get married! Marriage is a secret to live longer. Yes, it may sound funny- but true. Studies have proved that happy married men have longer. According to a study by the University of California in the year 2006, stated that single people are 5 times more prone to fatal diseases and a 40% die of heart attacks. Mortality amongst the singles is 250% higher than the married men.

Marriage is a boost not just to your life but also to your bank balance ;) . After marriage, automatically your expenses are shared with your partner. Big purchases, shopping, rent, bills or anything else spent can be divided by the couple. (Of course, the women of today will not step back from lending a hand.) Life gets much easier as you can work as a team. Work, expenses, feelings, thoughts, ideas and a lot more things can be shared between the two. Like in an office, we work in a team and each one doing the work allotted to them. You can relate this to your married life too! It is just that there is no boss, and the couple has to be answerable to each other. And, with a bit of mutual understanding and respect for each other, each one has to handle the situation. In terms of money, marriage can save you from a lot of over spending and you could save it for things that most of us dream in our lives to have it, for e.g. a holiday trip to your dream destination. Also, tax breaks are given to married couples.

Therefore, marriage is not a bad deal to indulge in. However, the world we live in- marriage has lost its value and people have developed new ideas and notions about it. People have moved on to do things that they feel is right for them. Especially, the generation today with girls and guys having successful careers at a very young age- they are hardworking, committed and dedicated to their goals not allowing anything to come in their way. On the other hand, people are in committed relationship but do not wish to make it legal. Even after committing, couples are breaking off. The youth today should not take this big step just for the sake of taking it or just for being pressurized by elders or peers. As the world is not the same as it used to be in the traditional days. I whole heartedly agree that there is nothing like being committed. Two is always better than one, if one falls the other will pick.

Marriage is one of the best things that exist on earth. There is no better feeling than the feeling that one gets on their wedding day. This is applied for both men and women. Go on find the right person and get married.  It is good for health and wealth!

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